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Your Cavallo News – May 2023

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

She Would Be in a Very Dark Place...

The change in this horse is dramatic and we are so grateful it was captured on video. 

When we got Chelsea’s email, we were close to tears watching this “before” video (you’ll see why). Then there was the relief we felt when we saw the “After” video.

Can you imagine how these horse owners felt? They were running out of options until their boots arrived:

“She would be in a very dark place if she didn’t have these boots to wear. It’s comforting not only for her, but for me too. I hope anyone else that is going through the regrowth of a reoccurring abscessed hoof with thin soles will know that these boots can help them too.” – Chelsea

Grateful to Connect with You

Carole Herder 2023 Speaking presentation

You are the Best Kinda Horse Owners!

An exciting shift in horse ownership has been taking place over the past years. People are no longer leaving all decision-making to their trimmers, farriers or other horse care providers. Not unless they can be actively involved and free to ask hard questions. Horse owners today only go forward with a hoof care plan once those hard questions are answered in a satisfactory way, and they understand it well enough to know it’s the best course of action for their equine. Increased knowledge among horse owners and a confident savviness are putting people in charge of the holistic wellness of their equine partners.

Carole has had some incredible speaking engagements at equine shows this year, and more to come! “Incredible” describes how many people came out, and the level of interest and commitment when it comes to helping equines. So many attended and gave their careful attention to learn all they can about horse care and Laminitis.

Learning from the Ground Up - Understanding the Hoof

Cross-section of hoof in Cavallo Hoof Boot
Cross-section of hoof in Cavallo Boot

Carole provides an overview of horse care topics including supplements, digestive and muscular systems, shelter and suitable environment options, training and innate behaviours, hoof function, lameness prevention and common sense.

You must get to know the hoof to get to know your horse. Certain simple laws of nature and science support your horse’s hoofs and overall health. Understanding hoof function will help you ward off problems such as Laminitis, Navicular Disease, skeletal and muscular fitness and gut health. Even teeth, performance and attitude are affected by the health of the hoof. 

Attending a talk will help you feel inspired to step up and take control. You’ll be empowered with knowledge and understanding.

Pink Boots in Action:

GO PINK!!!! 💗  Thank You for the Fabulous PINK CLBs. Not only protects his soles (the trailer parking area has imported gravel that hurts my feet to walk on) but the pink boots complete our Gymkhana ensemble. I use plain black for show days. But love the PINK!” – Sharon Bogan

Mini horse driving with Cavallo CLB Pink Hoof Boots

My Latest Blog: On the Brink of a Bad Breakup

How to choose a good farrier or trimmer

Here’s my latest blog one more time, in case you missed it last week:

You wouldn’t believe how many people call in to us at Cavallo, saying they aren’t happy with their farrier/trimmer but are afraid to instigate a change.

Have you ever found yourself in this position? Do you want to break up but don’t know how? Do you wonder how to find your perfect hoof care partner?

Here’s my own story – I hope it helps!

"The Way to Heaven is on Horseback"

Lakeland Horse Trails is a unique opportunity for riders to take in the UK Lake District on horseback. As Lakeland host Rachel says (and this video shows), few moments can compare with the joy of riding your own horse across the beautiful Lake District National Park in Cumbria. 

So, load up your horsebox and head up to Bampton, Penrith, UK. Owner and trail guide, Rachel Ardley, will take you on a magical journey to see scenery that will simply leave you in awe. As she says, “The way to heaven is on horseback“!

Rachel Describes her Trusty Trail Team:

Hi, I’m Rachel Ardley and I set up Lakeland Horse Trails back in 2020. I’m a trail guide for people who want to experience this area with their own horses. I have 4 horses, 2 of which I have as my predominant business partners and my trusty Norwegian Fjord Horses. We do many miles together and they’re kitted out with their Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots. They’re so comfortable in them, be it up gentle valleys or the steep rugged mountain paths to some of the summits.”

On her website, Rachel lists a few very charming cottages nearby, where you can stay when visiting. Eventually, Rachel plans to offer some of her horses for riding and walking, so more travellers can take part!

Cavallo FAQ Time!

Question: Can Cavallo Boots be used on gaited horses?

Too much traction on the sole of boots can inflict strain on the tendons and ligaments. With gaits faster than a walk, the bare hoof slides slightly when making contact with the ground. Cavallo Boots have just the right amount of traction — more than a metal shoe, but not too much. This allows horses to travel comfortably at any speed over any terrain. We get constant successful reports of Cavallo Boots on gaited horses. The problem can be in the amount of “twist” on ground contact. If the hoof is twisting and the boot is stationary – there may be some friction. This can easily be corrected by filing a bit of tread off the bottom of the boot sole, encouraging the boot to move more readily with the hoof.

Gaited horse wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots

"The Boots Stay ON!

Highly recommend the CAVALLO TREK for any gaited horse that tosses boots off their feet. I cannot believe how good these boots are. They’re the most simple boot to put on a horse.

Our Tennessee Walker can “walk” at 19km/hr, the boots stay on! Our Peruvian Paso pony has an odd-shaped hoof, running forward, so not a good boot candidate, but in the Treks, he can FLYYY down the trail “paddling” his little feet around and they stay on! We can run up hills, they stay on!!!! 

We go without the wraps for short easy rides so booting is FAST & easy, but even with the wraps, it’s still less complicated than other boots I’ve had.  – Carly Cook

Keepers of the Trails - The Back Country Horsemen

Do you know who maintains the beautiful trails you ride on? Every area has its own committed trail keepers – selfless folks who enjoy a lifestyle of helping their community and caring for the nature around them. We’re proud to have a partnership with the Back Country Horsemen of BC (BCHBC). They have MANY members barefoot & Cavallo-booted equines!

Meet Arlene Ladd – BCHBC member and keeper of trails in the Chilliwack, BC area. Read more about Arlene and what she does HERE! 

Who Won the April Newsletter Contest?

Cavallo Hoof Boot Pads all styles

Our winner for our April Newsletter / Facebook comment is Diane Smith!

Diane won a Cavallo Hoof Boot Party Pack – which includes one pair of each of our Cavallo Hoof Boot Pad styles. We messaged Diane and she is very excited about her new pads that are on their way to her. 

Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Wishing you many happy trails,

-Carole Herder

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual Contest Details: Winner will be chosen at random from comments on this Facebook post on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, and will receive a free Cavallo Barefoot Trim Manual & Video plus free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider! Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be contacted by Facebook PM and announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo E-Newsletter. 

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