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Your Cavallo News! October 2022

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

Share your Best Halloween Photo to WIN!

It’s getting spooooky around here! Share your best Halloween photo showing either your horse, or your Cavallos – OR BOTH! Just post your photo in the comments of THIS Facebook post to enter! The Cavallo Team will pick their favourite, and the person who sent it in will receive a pair of Trek Boots and be featured in our November newsletter! 

A Weekend of Transformation with Hoof Care Industry's BEST

Carole Herder & Thomas Tesket at PHCP Conference 2022 Denver
A nice catch-up with DVM Tomas Teskey

Transforming the Future of Hoof Care!

Let me set some context before I explain. Come back with me to 2008, when a very small but dedicated handful of people formed a group. Their mission was to offer support towards an alternative and more holistic way of caring for the horse’s hoof.

Now 14 years later, Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) membership has exploded to almost four hundred cutting-edge trimmers! Their program is innovative and creative, offering education and a supportive community to these open-minded and curious horse folks who strive to improve the welfare of horses.

Carole Herder & Christina Krueger at 2022 PCHP Conference Denver
Lovely to see PHCP Chair Christina Krueger

This group of students is helping us carve the preeminent path to the future of hoof care. The changes they are making to the well-being of horses are nothing short of extraordinary. Greg and I recently attended the PCHP conference in Denver and what struck me most was the broad-minded attitude. This wasn’t about “do it this way because it’s the right way” or any sort of closed, defensive stance to the way things have been done in the past. This group has a commitment to learning, to listening, and to being collaborative and creative.

We had Dr. Tomas Teskey explain the connection between horses’ hooves and their mouths. James Shaw discussed body alignment techniques to prevent injuries during trimming, and Monique and John Craig showed new software that helps us understand hoof biomechanics and symmetry. Cavallo is proud to be supportive of PCHP and for us all here on the Cavallo Team, it is very rewarding to take part in this unprecedented evolution in horse care!

Brianna Noble Interviewed on Horsemanship Radio

Brianna Noble uses Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots

 Brianna Noble and Urban Cowgirl Ranch empower marginalized communities through access to horses. You may know Brianna already – she’s the brave horseperson who rode her horse into an urban setting to raise awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement. We are VERY proud to sponsor Brianna and the Urban Cowgirl Ranch horses!

Also in this episode, Monty Roberts and his family have spent the past 30 years exchanging inspiring conversation with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II about horses. Whether attending Monty’s demonstrations or raising funds for equine welfare causes such as The Brooke, Monty and the Queen together have elevated horsemanship to be carried on generationally.

Guess where I'll be Presenting in November?


Carole Herder educational speaker at Equitana MELBOURNE

The famous Equitana Australia Horse Show attracts astute horse lovers from all over the world. Educators and presenters at this show are always on the cutting edge of horse care, and this year I’m proud to be counted among them!

Here’s a quick preview of my presentation topic:

This is an overview of horse care topics including supplements, digestive and muscular systems, shelter and suitable environment options, training and innate behaviors, hoof function, lameness prevention and common sense. I’ll deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation, drawing on my 21 years experience in holistic horse care and education with industry experts.

Attending Equitana in person? You can catch my presentation either on Saturday, November 12 at 9:30am in the Godolphin Lifetime Care Theatrette. OR on Sunday, November 13, at 2:45pm in the EQUITANA Classroom (Royal Block)! More info HERE!

...AND Hanna & Crunch are Joining Us!

Hannah Pikkat I's Crunch Time with Cavallo Hoof Boots

‘Hannah Pikkat and her Cavallo-clad mini horse, Crunch, will be joining us at our Equintana booth! 

Hannah will be promoting and signing her gorgeous new book, Trick Training here at our Cavallo booth! So, pick up your signed copy at our Cavallo booth and meet Hannah and Crunch in person!

This book has been a four-year-long project for Hannah. Through this process, she collaborated with 23 other talented creators. It’s a full-colour 202-page table book containing 21 equine tricks, explained visually by Crunch, as he demonstrates each step using clicker training. Her book is also full of captivating stories about all of Hannah’s horses, and features beautiful double-page images of their many adventures together!

Hannah and Crunch will also be performing at the Full Flight opening act on Thursday 10th November and Hannah will be presenting an eductional session demonstrating her clicker training method with Crunch on Saturday, November 12 at 10:45am in the Schockemohle Sports Arena.

Equine Affaire: Get your Cavallos at the Northeast Farrier Supply Booth

Cavallo Hoof Boots at Equine Affaire

Mark your calendars—It’s time to shop for your Cavallo Boots at Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts! The Northeast Farrier Supply booth will be fully stocked with Cavallo Hoof Boots, and each boot purchase comes with free Cavallo gift & goodie items!

We felt really honoured when Northeast Farrier Supply’s Vin Giannetti told us the reason why he chose to carry Cavallo as the ONLY hoof boot he stocks:

“We had tried all of the major boot lines and chose Cavallo because it had the most positive feedback from our customers,” Giannetti says. “We have been single-sourced with Cavallo for five years now, sold a lot of boots and have had only two issues. It is easy to see we made the right decision for our customers. And, we continue to hear very positive feedback from our customers!”

Thank you, Vin! You can find Vin at Equine Affaire November 10-13, 2022 at the Northeast Farrier Supply booth in the Better Living Center (booth 513).

What YOU'RE Saying!

Cavallo Hoof Boots help arthritic retired horse

“His Hooves Just Couldn’t Support a Shoe Anymore”

“Hi Yvonne and everyone at Cavallo, just wanted to say thank you! My horse Skipper “Saturnus” is a 23 yr old Dutch Warmblood, who retired after a career as an upper-level show jumper with a chronic heel bulb issue and some arthritic changes.

We tried the usual route: steel shoes to egg bars, and he’d improve for a bit but during the transition period between shoeing he was sore and just off. He was getting Legends injections and Equiox. I worked with my vet and farrier and we finally came to the conclusion that his hooves just couldn’t support a shoe anymore. And viola – Cavallo Boots entered the conversation.

We pulled his shoes – got good measurements (thank you) and got our first pair of Cavallo ELBs. Now it’s two months later, and we just upgraded to a pair of Trek. We’re breaking them in and I’m elated. I think I might be able to ride my perfect pony again.

The thing that amazes me most is his disposition. Imagine if you walked around all day in an uncomfortable pair of shoes ~ He’s now happy and forward and moving easily! And even if I never got the privilege of riding this gorgeous boy again. to see him comfortably trotting around his field is so worth it. So thank you” ♥️

– From Skip and Starr

Not Into Measuring for Boots? We Get It! 😉

Measuring and fitting Cavallo Hoof Boots

Trying to figure out what size and sole width are best for your faithful steed? Frustrated? We’ve been there, too! We get it!

Lean on Us!

So why do it when we can simply do it for you? We have many years of experience in measuring for boots, in person and through photos. Through the link below, just upload your photos directly to us and we’ll respond with a size recommendation for your horse! 

Wishing you many happy, haunted, Halloween trails!

-Carole Herder

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Halloween Photo Contest Details: Winner will be chosen on Monday, October 31, 2022, and will receive a free pair of Cavallo Hoof Boots (any style/colour) plus free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider (Cavallo Hoof Boots).

Prize holds no cash value ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo Newsletter.

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