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Your Horse’s Back May Not Be the Same Next Month!

Asymmetry of the horse’s body:
Horses (like humans!) may develop differently on their left and right sides. For example, a short or long leg may cause uneven musculature in the shoulders or muscle sling supporting the rib cage:

Changes in the horse’s musculature:
Bodies change and develop. A horse’s musculature will change throughout the riding day (as the horse tires) and over the season (as the horse ages, develops, tones or loses muscle mass). These changes effect the way the saddle fits the horse.

A saddle is a static object, but your horse is a living, dynamic creature. Even slight changes throughout the year in your horse’s weight have a significant impact on the fit of the saddle. And, naturally, the saddle fit in turn significantly impacts your horse’s experience.

That’s just common sense, of course. But many riders forget the fact that a horse normally undergoes even slight alterations in weight and posture throughout the seasons and throughout his or her life. And yet we continue to put the same old saddle on her back, year in and year out.

That’s what saddle pads are for, right? Right. But most saddle pads under-perform when it comes to a customized and continually changing fit.

There is a solution that addresses all the changes that come with new seasons, age, injuries and habits. Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads use memory foam to precisely contour your horse’s back.

Specifically engineered to contract and expand where needed, Total Comfort System saddle Pads mould for a precise fit between the back and the saddle for each and every ride. They even compensate for YOUR weight and posture.

The combination of 3 technically-advanced lightweight materials create a system that absorbs shock and eases saddle fit discrepancies.

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