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We’re Over the Moon – Yvonne Welz Joins Cavallo!

Welcome Yvonne Welz to Cavallo Hoof Boots Team LR

Yvonne Welz, Publisher of The Horse’s Hoof, Joins our Cavallo Hoof Boot Team

We’re proud to announce that longtime publisher of The Horse’s Hoof Magazine, Yvonne Welz, is now part of Cavallo Horse & Rider’s Customer Service Team. After 20 years of magazine publishing, Yvonne is moving her publication and resources online in October 2020. She continues to help horse owners through Cavallo’s social media and email platforms.

Yvonne and I met many years ago through magazine connections. When I found out the Horse’s Hoof would finish this Fall on its 20 year anniversary, I approached her about this new venture. And the rest is history! At Cavallo, Yvonne is now part of our dynamic team. She’s helping us help horse owners find the right Cavallo style and fit for horses through Facebook, Instagram and our other social media apps.

Difficult Experiences Led us to Help Others

Yvonne and I have had similar painful experiences trying to keep our horses sound. We have both turned these hard lessons around – into an opportunity to help other horse owners. Yvonne has always impressed me with her commitment to the barefoot movement. We both became initiators in the move towards increasing comfort for horses’ hooves. Yvonne worked through publishing and I’ve worked through product development. Through the past 20 years, we have come to understand the struggles and challenges and are experts in our abilities to help people make informed and beneficial decisions for their beloved horses.

Whether in print or online, Yvonne truly loves assisting horse owners. “My great passion has been helping people take their horses barefoot and to help people keep their horses in a more natural state,” she says. “Reaching horse owners through hoof boots is a great way to get folks started riding barefoot.”

Yvonne had our hearts when she explained why Cavallos are her favourite boots: “I had access to many different hoof boots over the years and decided that Cavallo had the best boots. The Horse’s Hoof magazine was neutral when it came to hoof boots, but I’ve been using Cavallos almost exclusively for over three years.”

Hands-On History

Yvonne Welz the Horse's Hoof - Cavallo Hoof BootsHer journey began with barefoot and booted hooves when her personal show mare showed signs of lameness. Yvonne’s competitive dressage mare went from ribbon-earning performances to walking with signs of pain, and that Laminitis soon turned into serious founder.

“She rapidly went downhill,” says Yvonne. “We had the top vets and farriers come out to help her and they did a surgery called coronary grooving. She could barely stand.”

Determined to learn how to help her horse, she researched trimmers and how to help her horse switch to barefoot. Her husband, James Welz, went to Canada to train to become a barefoot trimmer with Sabine Kells.

A Barefoot Education

James Welz continued his hoof care studies, graduating from the European School of Hoof Orthopedics in Germany in 2001. He soon made trimming his full-time profession. Yvonne continued her own research and saw the need to share what she was learning with a broad audience. She began printing The Horse’s Hoof in the fall of 2000.

“At first barefoot was such a fringe thing,” Yvonne says. “Now it’s not fringe. I’m excited to see how much it is mainstream and normal. Removing this idea that you have to put metal on horses’ feet is changing all of horse care.”

New Beginnings

The Horse’s Hoof will continue as an online resource after its last issue. Yvonee is currently offering a PDF download of past issues at a reduced rate. Visit for information about how to purchase all 80 past issues.

“It’s sad to see the magazine end but I’m also excited to do something new,” Yvonne says. “I see how much people are excited about the boots. I am so glad to help people and help solve problems. I really enjoy that! The Cavallo boots are easy to fit. They’re so flexible in the fit that you can keep working with them and fitting them as the horse changes.”

We have a special message for you from Yvonne :

Last issue of the Horse's Hoof“Hi from Yvonne!

“This is our FINAL issue of The Horse’s Hoof, and what can I possibly say? I’m practically speechless!

And here is our BIG NEWS: this last issue will be FREE for EVERYONE!

This issue will automatically appear FREE in the accounts of everyone who has ever subscribed to The Horse’s Hoof since we first began online accounts in 2013. And everyone else can get this Fall Finale FREE Issue by clicking the “Subscribe” or “FREE ISSUE” button HERE. This is also where you can access your FREE BONUS GIFT from Carole and Cavallo!

Happy Hooves!


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