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A Rendezvous to Remember with the Back Country Horsemen of BC!

2018 BCHBC Rendezvous - photo by Arlene Ladd (view of N Thompson River)

Sometimes you get a great group of people together and something special happens. Get a great group of people together who also love horses? Well, something truly MAGICAL happens!

BCHBC Rendezvous - photo by BCHBC Member Arlene Ladd

BCHBC Rendezvous – photo by BCHBC Member Arlene Ladd

At the end of May we sent Jenny to the Back Country Horsemen of British Columbia 2018 Rendezvous in gorgeous Barriere, British Columbia to meet this great group.  Cavallo enjoys a wonderful partnership with the BCHBC, and we often speak to members on the phone or run into them at the Mane Event in Chilliwack.  This was a chance to actually sit down and spend some time with them, to get a feel for who they are and what they do.They love their horses. They build and maintain trails all over BC for everyone to enjoy.  They organize rides through the most stunning landscapes this province has to offer.  These people make things happen!

Grenier Lake, Barriere BC- Photo by BCHBC Memeber Arlene Ladd

Grenier Lake, Barriere BC- Photo by BCHBC Member Arlene Ladd

During the Rendezvous many rides were scheduled through private land in Barriere.  The BCHBC were quickly granted permission to ride on these private lands due to their excellent reputation.  In the evenings communal dinners were held at the dining hall, and live cowboy music graced everyone’s ears!  An auction fundraiser was held the third night, and we were proud to have offered hoof boots and saddle pads as auction items. Jenny also arranged for sought-after donations from Monty Roberts and Julie Goodnight, and their generosity was really appreciated by all.

During the daytime Jenny manned our Cavallo booth and several people pulled their horses up to the back door of the vendor’s hall for personal Cavallo hoof boot fittings!  The BCHBC members are savvy horse owners, and many a Cavallo Hoof Boot was sold at this event.

If you live in British Columbia and would like to join the Back Country Horsemen, please click here:

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