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Western Kentucky University Hoof Boot Study - Cavallo (2)

The Science Behind Cavallo Hoof Boots:

Dr. Jennifer Gill and Gabriella Lynn of the Western Kentucky University Equine Science Department have just completed the first independent university study comparing hoof boots to traditional metal shoes. They chose their preferred boots, Cavallos, for this study. Find out more by clicking below!

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Save money with Cavallo hoof boots

Saving Money with Cavallo

We’ve been hearing ONE burning question at Cavallo every day since the news hit about the global pandemic. Equine media professional, Heidi Melocco (The Whole Picture), recently interviewed Cavallo Founder, Carole Herder, about the concept of being barefoot and booted as a money saver during these challenging times and beyond. Click below to read on!

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Transitioning your Horse to Barefoot

Transitioning out of metal shoes? At Cavallo, we spend much of our day helping conscientious horse owners, who are ready to make a life-saving commitment to their horse by removing metal horseshoes for good. The freedom to be barefoot and booted is the gift of comfort, protection and respect for what nature intended. Remember, horses have lived on this planet for over 50,000,000 years. Their hoofs are not a design flaw.

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Why Trek is the Perfect Rehab Boot

“Cavallo Trek Boots have been a huge help for Chester! He’s currently coming towards the end of his recovery from laminitis but, in the earlier days, his boots were the difference between him being able to go for small walks (on vets instruction) and being stuck in his box. The Comfort Pads helped even further!”

– Rachel Lawrenson

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Visit your Cavallo Learning Library

Thinking of taking your horse barefoot? Our continually updated Cavallo online learning library features over 30 articles and counting! I aim to help you in your transition to barefoot riding or support you in your journey if you’re already barefoot and booted. I've also added articles to support riders of shod horses, who use boots for extra traction, trailering, and protection. Have a little one? Many of my articles apply to mini horses, and some are specific to their needs. To find articles that resonate with you and your horse, click below! - Carole Herder

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