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“The boots fit really well. So easy to put on, and they stay on!”

Emma Massingale

Adventurer | Free Rider | Award Winning Film Maker

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“It’s so quick to pop them on! I hold his feathers up with one hand and put the boot on with the other – Simple as that!”


from @jakethegypsycob on Instagram

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“Patrick can’t wait to wear his boots at Breyerfest®, he needs some teeny CLB ‘Cute Little Boots’ for his Breyer® model!”

Sarah Schaff

Owner of Patrick the Mini, Breyer® Horse, 2019

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“I started using Cushion Pads. We went through a rocky area and my horse tried to avoid it…then she realized she could walk on it. It was obvious how much relief she had. It was great!”

Terrie Slack

Cavallo Customer

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“I was showing my horse this past weekend in his Cavallo Boots. He had on the Pastern Wraps, and hardly any sand got in!”

Dawn O’Brien

Riding School Owner

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“YES – Cavallo Boots can do long cross-country treks and pack rides! Love, love your boots. Helped us with many wonderful trips!”

Kristina Buchanan

Cavallo Customer

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“Thanks to Cavallo Hoof Boots, my little man can walk on rocks with no pain”

Émilie Archambault

Cavallo Customer

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Cavallo Hoof Boots

The World’s Most Trusted Hoof Boots

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  • Cavallo Transport Air Horse Hoof Boots

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We’re Here To Help

Helpful guides for the perfect fit

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    Which Hoof Boot is Right for Me?

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