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Cavallo CLB Metallic Blue Miniature Horse Hoof Boot
Metallic Blue CLB “Cute Little Boots” Regular Sole – For Minis (sold in pairs)
$119.95 USD
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Cavallo Black Trek Hoof Boot Regular Sole
Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot (sold per single boot)
$104.95 USD
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Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot - Black replaceable Velcro Straps
Simple Regular Sole Hoof Boot – Black (sold in pairs)
$179.95 USD
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A Compliment from Monty Roberts

“The Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads help your horse increase his movement around the shoulder. The gullet system encourages horses to lift their spine and use themselves properly while taking pressure off the withers. This unique memory foam sandwich helps your saddle fit better. In addition to the lightweight thinness of the Cavallo pad I love the reversible feature as I prefer to ride with the 100% New Zealand wool to my horse. Cavallo pads are the best pads in the world today.”

Watch The Video

Monty Roberts

The Man who Listens to Horses

More Celebrity Testimonials

Dan James (Heartland, Double Dan Horsemanship)

“When we were looking for boots for some of the specialty acts that we do, such as Australia’s Got Talent, we were chasing a boot that was going to give our horses the confidence of going onto such surfaces as carpet, or concrete. Cavallo Boots are what we chose to use, they give our horses a lot of confidence in being able to rear up, lay down, turn over, go backwards, the whole lot – and yet not feel any kind of restrictions.”

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Dan James

Double Dan Horsemanship | Heartland (TV show)

More Celebrity Testimonials

Cavallos STAY ON - Even at 65 km/hr!

When people in Norway tell Emmely Wulf that her Cavallo Boots are cute, but they bet she can't go very fast...she simply boots up and FLIES past them at 65 km/hr, letting them eat her dust! ;)

A well-fitting pair of Cavallos can do anything. Just ask Emmely!

Emmely Wulf

Enthusiastic Rider | Barefoot Believer

Watch Emmely Fly!

Emma Massingale Loves her Cavallos

“A few years ago I was introduced to Cavallo Hoof Boots and, to be honest, I was at the point of thinking that barefoot really wasn’t going to work for me. But I spoke to the team at Cavallo and thought I would give their Trek boots a go. When the boots arrived my first thoughts were that they look like they might stay on! After using them on my team over the past years I can honestly say that I have NEVER lost one...”

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Emma Massingale

Adventurer | Free Rider | Award Winning Film Make

More Celebrity Testimonials

WJ Noni Hartvikson Trains for Paralympic Games with Trek Boots

“We just got back from the 2021 Paralympic Games, where we helped Team Canada to a 10th place finish, improving on their 13th place finish in Rio in 2016! I placed 9th Individually, and 7th in the Team Test. Onyx has finally recovered from his long trip to Tokyo. His Trek Boots are a year old and going strong, and the Pastern Wraps work absolutely perfectly for him. Thanks so much for your great products and support, I really appreciate it!”

Noni Hartvikson
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