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Join the Cavallo Associate Sellers' Program!

Partnering for the Good of Horses

Booting horses has gained increasing acceptance worldwide. Cavallo has been at it for some years now, distributing tens of thousands of Cavallo Hoof Boots around the world every year, for both shod and barefoot horses alike.

As a qualified farrier or trimmer, providing correct care is vital to ensuring that our equine friends have a fruitful and healthy life. You are welcome to join Join the Cavallo Associate Sellers’ Program to ensure this continued successful hoof care outcome for horses!

Maia Chaput, Cavallo Hoof Boots Associate Seller - hoof trimmer

Provide Protection and Profit

You are entitled to a fair and reasonable return for your work. Partnering with Cavallo will help you to be gainful in the trimming portion of your business for barefoot horses and also as a spare tire, treatment boot, or extra protection over metal shoes. Boosting your income while providing a service to horse owners serves everyone. Your expertise guarantees proper trims and custom boot fitting service. You help ensure comfort, safety and protection over the long term.

Join the Cavallo Associate Sellers’ Program! The program is for meticulous and educated front-runners in hoof care. We respect your efforts, and upon acceptance of your application, you will be offered an exceptional margin for your work.

Get the Fit Right Every Time!

You will also be entitled to take advantage of our one-time special ELB Fit Kit offer OR you can order any number of pairs of your style choice at your ‘special’ associate price to get you started:

Let us Help you:

The Cavallo Team is here to help you. Because by the way – YOU ROCK!

Please do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-877-818-0037 or email us at and you can get started!