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Welcome to the Cavallo Referral Program!

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Want to Shout from the Rooftops How Cavallo Boots Helped your Horse?

Referral Program you get $20.

Find yourself telling friends and barn-mates how much Cavallo Boots have benefitted your horse? We’d like to reward you with CASH!

Sharing the word about your success with our boots helps horses, and helps the people who love these horses. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a horse take their first comfortable steps in their Cavallos! 

Our referral program is for referring first-time customers to try Cavallo Hoof Boots out. We provide you with a link, and you can share that link on social media or by sending to your friends and family. When someone places a first-time order after clicking on your link, you will receive $20 USD cash!

FAQ's About the Referral Program

First, you’ll need to get your unique link. Then you will share that link electronically with friends, family, or on your social media or blog. When someone makes a purchase of $100 or more of Cavallo Boots, Accessories or Saddle pads using your referral link, their purchase will be tracked by Referral Candy. That order will be checked for fraud and there is a wait period in case the purchase is returned. If all is good, $20 USD will be added to your referral account.

To receive payments, you must have a PayPal account for your payments to be deposited into. When you set up your referral account, use the email address that you also use for your PayPal account. Referral payments are made monthly, and for every month that you have made at least one referral, a payout will be issued directly to your PayPal account.

You can make as many referrals as you can manage! Orders are checked for fraud, and your link is not allowed to be shared on coupon sites or any website that is not owned by you. 

Outside of fraudulent orders placed by bots, fraud can include:

– Self-referral: referring yourself for both a discount and the reward
– Sharing your link on coupon sites, discount sites or forums
– Return abuse: getting people to place orders with your link, intending to return those orders for a refund after you get your rewards