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Assist Your Horse Through Season Change #4 – These Boots are Made for Riding

Different weather patterns and vegetal growth have a significant impact on animals who live outside. Transitioning between seasons can be challenging, especially when conditions change dramatically. Properly managing some vital practices will provide your horse with the best chance for weathering these potentially severe fluctuations.

Horses’ hoofs condition to tolerate the terrain of their habitat. During climate changes their hoofs also change. Many horses live on grassy pastures and bedded stalls, and then for 5% or even a generous 10% of the time, we ask them to pack us up a gravelly trail or hard asphalt road. Their hoofs may not be accustomed to this terrain and the load is increased with our weight and the weight of our saddles. This additional weight can be 20% of their own body weight, on average about 200 pounds. It compresses the soles of their feet even further into the ground. For this reason, they need additional hoof protection.

Most horses are uncomfortable travelling outside their living conditions with extra weight on bare feet. It’s clear that our horses do need protection while being ridden. I see horses trying to make their way to the soft shoulder at the side of the road all the time. Nailing metal shoes to their feet is not the answer. The shape of a metal shoe does nothing to protect their soles. The metal does not absorb shock, but in fact refers concussion further up the limbs. And the nails restrict the shoe and clamp the hoof in a tight position so that it cannot flex to respond to the weight of the horse. Taking care of your horse’s physical being is central to his overall well-being. When you get opportunities to ride your horse, you can very easily provide safety and protection to his hoofs with Cavallo Hoof Boots. Your horse’s grace, beauty, and strength are enhanced or diminished by his physical health and comfort.

I feel in mHorse cartoony heart that caring for this glorious creature is an honor. In fact, I joke with my friends that I have worked hard all my life for the privilege to spend regular joyous hours shoveling manure! The non-horsey ones don’t get it.





Happy Trails,

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