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Barefoot Barrel Racing

I just wanted to write you and tell you how THRILLED that I am with my Cavallo Hoof Boots!

I am a Professional Barrel racer and trainer as well as a Professional Farrier for the past 11 years. For the past year I have been running my own horses barefoot with a natural trim and following the “mustang studies”. I am ecstatic with my decision and my mare is running great and holding up in ground that other horses can’t “feel” and react to. I promote this theory to almost ALL of my customers who are able (those who do NOT have any major hoof problems).

The only set-back so far has been the ROCKY parking areas and the occasional trail ride. I had been having to find a smooth place to park (not always a possibility) and have just been staying close to home or riding on soft trails around my own property…until I bought my Cavallos!! Originally, I purchased them instead of SOFT-RIDES for standing at the trailer at rodeos (strictly because of price alone…sorry, but true). I have been VERY satisfied with them in this situation.

Today, my daughter wanted to trail ride on a gelding that I recently shod and have been legging up for a customer. We didn’t get far down our newly grated gravel road before my mare and I had to turn back. I went right to my trailer and put my Cavallos on her front feet. I was concerned about chafing as well as bulk on a long ride, but neither of these were an issue. She cruised right along and we had an excellent ride down a road that we haven’t been able to ride on in over a year. I feel like we can go ANYWHERE now! I have argued with many people about the possibility of BAREFOOT without limitation. Until today, I was perfectly happy running my mare ANYWHERE…but always had the concern over warm up and parking in the back of my mind. Now…I really do feel like we can STAY barefoot…FOREVER!

Summer Boland – Texas

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