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Barefoot Eventing – It Is Possible!

By Carole Herder

Now this is the sort of article I love to read – ‘Eventing Barefoot – Is it Possible?’ Of course we all know that the answer is yes, but to read it in black and white on as large a website as Eventing Nation, definitely makes my toes tingle! Check out the fab picture here of Kelsey Smith competing her barefoot horse Huxley Heights

I especially like the quote from Bridget Brewer: “Barefoot is not an easy road as today’s urban, mostly stalled horse lifestyles make it hard for the barefoot hoof to become robust and strong… Successful barefoot requires lots of movement, a low sugar diet, and frequent trims from someone who specializes in the barefoot trim. The hoof will adapt and change over time and the walls will thicken and the sole will develop a callous. Some horses are easier than others, and some may always be a tender on rocks and rough surfaces.” To me, this sums it all up perfectly and that is why Cavallo is here, with our hoof boots, to help those who may always be tender.

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