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Budweiser’s Puppy Love and Cavallo

By Carole Herder

Last night, Greg and I had the pleasure of viewing the Super Bowl with an amazing young couple from Manhattan. Kyle has independently ventured out to direct and control large corporate events. His lovely partner Marcia holds the prestigious position of Marketing Manager to a large yoghurt company. Unlike many other game spectators, our lively conversation halted abruptly with the launch of each advertisement. Marketers ourselves, we were fascinated by the appeal of the Ad companies. There was lots of vehicle commercials; the best of which, being Silverado (the personal choice truck of yours truly). Focussing more on pulling at our heart strings then entertaining or amusing us, these are the most excellent and expensive Ads in the world. We moved from Bob Dylan appealing to us to buy our beer from Germany, but our cars from the USA and Bruce Willis advising on Hondas to the fun loving Muppets. But what won everyone’s hearts? What was rated the absolute best? The Ad with the horses won hands down. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” featured a spirited Lab who, adopted out, kept returning to the Clydesdales he loved. Our hearts melted. And then there was the one where the soldier returns to a tear wrenching welcome from his loving home town to ride on the Clydes’ team in the embrace of his wife. Horses were it! They invoke love and awe as we marvel at the authenticity of days gone by, when life was simple and real and much slower. We still honour a time when the beauty of nature was woven into our daily lives. Now, as upcoming generations will never have the experience of riding, horses fade into our historical past. I am told that even the “bucket list” horse drawn carriage rides of Central Park are doomed to extinction. We, of the Cavallo Community and horse lovers around the world are truly the fortunate ones as we actually have horses in our lives. This vast worldwide affinity for horses is not just a commercial or a distant dream. To us, it is real. Horses are our lives. I personally feel a deep responsibility to help keep them around for years to come and I thank each and every one of you, who have made the choice for natural comfort for your horses. A choice for a healthy long life with your Cavallos.

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