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My Voice on Horse Chats Australia!

Carole Herder Interview #290 on Horse Chats Australia

My second podcast this year on Horse Chats Australia is up and running online!  In episode 290 I discuss the 10 Most Essential Horse Matters…Please tune in and listen NOW! 

Being asked to discuss the 10 most essential horse matters in a one-hour podcast was a daunting request, because I could spend days going over these points!  In this podcast we touch down on these topics and in future podcasts to come we will address these topics in greater depth.

Horse Chats podcasts were created for people who have a love and passion for horses, the equine industry and related areas – people who wish to gain knowledge and improve their skills and/or abilities. They deliver a host of current and informative content from industry experts nationally and internationally, on a range of topics.  The official Horse Chats mission is to improve the lives of horses around the world, through the education of their owners, riders and handlers.  As the creator of Cavallo Hoof Boots and my own mission to free horses of pain and discomfort, their mission statement really resonates with me.

Here’s a quick link to my recent show:

If you’d like to catch up with my Horse Chats podcast #258 click HERE!

Wishing you many happy miles in your Cavallos,

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