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A “Driving Force” Behind Mini Horse Comfort

Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof Boots for Mini Horses

Safety and Peace of Mind on the Road

Cavallo CLB offers safety and comfort while driving. Your mini’s hoof is well protected while on asphalt and other driving surfaces. CLB (Cute Little Boot) soles are made from reliable TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane).  TPU is is known for its ability to grip to slick surfaces.  It also resists the wear of constant and continual contact with asphalt, gravel, rock and concrete. You’ll also find that the boots work to minimize the risk of slipping on surfaces that may be naturally slick or wet.

Mercedes the mini horse running in Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof Boots

A Driving Force Behind Miniature Equine Comfort!

We carefully designed the CLB boot upper with your mini’s comfort in mind. The soft, padded boot collar wraps softly and snugly, and the front closure allows for a very close fit on the upper. During initial use, we recommend a short break-in period. This will give time for the back of the boot to become custom-fitted to the individual horse’s bulb shape (much like a human breaking in a pair of high-quality footwear!), resulting in a safely anchored, snug-fitting, little boot.

Shock absorption

We thoughtfully designed the CLB soles to minimize and absorb shock, preventing reverberation from traveling through the hoof and up the leg. You can also add additional padding to the boots to give extra cushioning and shock absorption.  Padding also helps to increase the snugness of the fit, if needed.  Watch out for the new CLB Hoof Boot Pads – they’re expected to arrive to our North American market in late 2019.  Currently, we find that regular-sized Cavallo Hoof Boot pads are easily cut down for use in the CLB Boots.

Cavallo CLB Hoof Boot new sizes M1 to M4New Sizes Coming Down the Pike…

We currently offer the CLB in sizes M2 and M3, but increased demand has called for larger and smaller sizes to be brought to the market!  We are very pleased to announce that new sizes M1 and M4 will be arriving to our North American market late 2019.



Here are some stories and photos sent in to us by knowledgeable driving pros!  Enjoy!

Ticket & Louise:

“The CLB boots do great driving. There is no slippage or turning no matter the terrain. Blacktop, dirt, gravel, up and down mountains, combined driving events.  And no soring of any kind.  I have even driven tandem with the boots on my boys, and both my minis love them.”

– Louise Nyquist (Ticket the Mini)

Louise Nyquist and ticket the mini horse driving with Cavallo CLB Hoof Boots


Mercedes & Brianne:

Mercedes the mini horse in Cavallo CLB Bling hoof boots driving“Cavallo Hoof Boots have really changed the way we have been able to drive with Mercedes. We used to only be able to drive her for 15 minutes at the walk with a little bit of trot because the concrete would damage her hooves and legs. Mercedes also would get very tender hooves after being on concrete too much. When we bought the Cavallo Hoof Boots, we were able to go for long drives at the trot and canter without fear of Mercedes injuring herself or breaking her hooves. She was no longer tender and she was, overall, a lot happier to work. We are super grateful to have found a product that helped us, as well as Mercedes, find joy in work.”

– Brianne Bonus (Mercedes the Mini)



Wishing you many safe and happy miles behind your mini!

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