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The Cavallo WorldWide Community

One of the things I really love about spreading the good news about horse’s health is the people we spend time with in our industry.

I started my career as a designer and product developer in the fashion business many years ago. I was young and naïve and almost went broke when Macy’s didn’t pay for what, for them, was a very small shipment. WOW! I couldn’t believe that such an icon would rip off a small little company like mine. Anyway they obviously had their own problems, but the thing is that financial risk was an almost acceptable part of the fashion business, from the monster Macy’s right on down to a single high street store – getting paid was an issue.

So what I am trying to say is that our business – the horse hoof boot business is the exact opposite. Only once in my 23 years in the equine world has someone intentionally not paid their bills. That’s a very low exposure rate.  In this horse world we are honest, down home folks who operate from our love of nature, for our love of country and for our love of the horse. If this weren’t the case, we’d be in the fashion…or furniture business – risky and a bit brutal, where only the very shrewd make their way.

Here we are at our annual Worldwide Distributor dinner. european-distributorsGreg and I host this function in Germany as it is fairly central for everyone. Here we are enjoying the pleasure of our customers from Germany, Holland, USA, France, Spain, Italy, Canada and Australia. These are the folks who make sure that Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots are available to horse owners around the world. These are the caring people who take pride in changing the world one horse at a time into the comfort, safety and ease of use that Cavallo provides.  These are our Cavallo colleagues and partners from around the world and we absolutely adore them.

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