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Equine Affair 2017

Cavallo Carole Herder Presentation

What makes shows like the recent Equine Affair so special?

It’s the people AND the horses.

I loved watching Guy Mclean while he courageously trained an errant young horse during performance. Who does that? Most clinicians want to show their well-trained horses. It’s very good for us amateurs to see that even the experts have trouble predicting and managing horse behaviors. As always, humour takes the edge off and Guy is truly entertaining.

Another favorite Australian is Dan James – sweet, charming, very handsome and very talented. Not only the horses, but the gals love him too.

And my good friend Julie Goodnight, stepping up to deliver one of her signature presentations aimed at helping us more mature folks overcome fear while riding.

I too was able to address an audience, upwards of 200 people, who were graciously receptive and responsive to barefoot hoof care and Cavallo Hoof Boots. Thank you all who were in attendance.

If you didn’t get to make it, here’s a short video clip, although you may be more interested in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Horse, or maybe the tall handler!

[youtube id=”dBHaiPtgu24″]

Thanks Larry (the handler)  and  Steely (the horse)

Happy Trails,
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