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From Navicular to…Prancing!

Lena Hylton - Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot testimonial - Navicular

Cavallo is AMAZING!! Not only are the boots an absolute godsend, but their customer service is unbelievable! I have an 18 year old Paint with Navicular. He had shoes with wedges, but I hated them and he went lame with them anyway. I pulled the shoes, and he got a trim for Navicular. About a month later he is so much better, and with the boots he is PRANCING! It makes me so happy to see him confident. Since I didn’t have time to break the boots in, on the third wear, they started rubbing in two spots. I called Cavallo and talked to Krystle and she sent me a free pair of Comfort Sleeves. I can’t thank Cavallo enough for their kind hearts.

– Lena Hylton California

Lena Hylton California - Cavallo Trek Hoof Boot testimonial - Navicular

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