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Set Your Horse Up To Succeed

“In horse training, time is the least important factor” – this is the hardest lesson I have learnt. My children and my horses have taught me more patience over the years than I could have ever imagined! Yet I still find myself checking my watch before I go outside and subconsciously calculating how much time I have before the next task of the day needs tackling.

I have gathered a few more of my favorite quotes, many often used by the great horse men and women of our day. Many of these are pertinent to the training environment but can also be used during any time spent with your horse, whether training, at liberty or riding.

“Setting your horse up to succeed”, “Creating a situation where the horses can communicate” and “Rewarding the horse in the way the horse understands” allows for a partnership and trust to develop between you and your horse. When it all goes wrong, “Failure is an opportunity to learn”, and this is definitely something I have to often remind myself of!

Remember, “Adrenaline down; learning up” and “Horses thrive in cooperative environments” – these ideas are key when you become frustrated during training or practice isn’t going the way you planned. “Only through willingness can true harmony be found” and it is harmony that we are looking for: harmony in the relationship with our horse and harmony between horse and nature (especially when it comes to hooves!).

Finally, my favorite quote: “A good trainer can hear a horse speak to him. A great trainer can hear the horse whisper”. This is something I will always aspire to and though I may never hear the whisper, I know I can hear him speak to me, in many ways.

This “talking” is truly what brought about Cavallo Hoof Boots! I heard “I don’t like these metal shoes being nailed to my feet, but I would welcome some protection while ridden on the trail”

Picasso (owned by Linda Barrett) showing off his Cavallo Sport Hoof Boots.

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