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Update – Transforming to Hoof Boots

Here’s another update on our Cavallo Community friends and big congratulations to Tippy and Donna for winning high-point Versatility Ranch Horse in the Advanced Division! Our barefoot horses are comfortable competitors over a huge array of  riding style. Thanks Donna for keeping us posted.

I’m happy to report that Tippy is coming along very well!

We have been on two ACTHA rides since he’s gone barefoot, wearing Cavallo boots in the front on both rides.  Both rides were in Flagstaff, AZ, one being very rocky.  We had one water crossing and the boots worked very well.  I also competed in a NVRHA competition (cutting, reining, working cowhorse, trail) and we went barefoot.  He’s still a little tender on hard ground, but was fine in the arena.  In fact he won the buckle for high-point Versatility Ranch Horse in the Advanced Division!

We’ve used Luke Tanner (AZ-NH) who is a barefoot trimmer exclusively.  Due to a scheduling conflict, we used a different barefoot trimmer on the 8/6/11 (the 3rd trim).  Both trimmers said his feet are looking great.  The hoof walls and soles are strong and his feet are healthy.  We’re spending the summer in Flagstaff, AZ to escape the heat of the Phoenix area so we’ve been doing a lot of riding in the national forest.  I ride barefoot as much as possible, using boots in the rocky areas.

I’m very happy that we made the decision to take Tippy barefoot!  I know it’s a process, but he’s gradually adapting to his new natural lifestyle with minimal discomfort.

Thanks, Carole, for your support and follow-up!  I’m pleased to say Tippy is doing GREAT!

Donna Jensen

In this side view photo – you can see the ridge down from the Coronet band just around the time that Tippy was relieved of his metal shackles – healthier horn is now growing from the hairline. And that’s a beautifully trimmed sole. You’ve got a good team around you Donna. Keep up the great work!

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