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Celebrities Speak Out

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots and Horse Equipment is now sold in 25 countries Worldwide, bettering the lives of barefoot and shod horses alike. Here’s what your trusted, top equine industry experts are saying about Cavallo Hoof Boots and Saddle Pads:

  • Guy McLean Cavallo horse Hoof Boots Review
    Guy McLean

    Why does Guy find his Cavallo Boots to be so reliable?

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  • Emma Massingale horse trainer Cavallo horse Hoof Boots
    Emma Massingale

    Emma is careful to boot her horses with Trek and CLB…

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  • Pat Parelli Cavallo Hoof Boot Saddle Pads Review
    Pat Parelli

    How did Cavallos change Pat’s mind about hoof boots?

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  • John Lyons Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Review
    John Lyons

    “America’s Most Trusted Horseman” talks Cavallo:

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  • Dr. Jennifer Gill, Equine Sciences
    Dr. Jennifer Gill

    Dr. Gill of Western Kentucky University recommends Cavallos…

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  • Monty Roberts Review Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Saddle Pads
    Monty Roberts

    “Cavallo Saddle Pads are the best in the world today…”

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  • Julie Goodnight Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots review
    Julie Goodnight

    Julie Goodnight’s Team is REALLY tough on boots:

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  • Dan James Double Dan Horsemanship Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Saddle Pad review
    Dan James (Double Dans)

    Dan needs the best boot for Trainer’s Challenges…

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  • Dan Steers Double Dan Horsemanship Cavallo Hoof Boot review
    Dan Steers – (Double Dans)

    Dan’s Cavallo Saddle Pad keeps him close to his horse…

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  • Tom Seay Best of America by horseback Cavallo Hoof Boots saddle pads
    Tom Seay (Best of America by Horseback

    Tom’s Cavallos are all-terrain, durable and secure…

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  • Sandi Simons Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Review
    Sandi Simons

    Sandi decided Cavallo Boots were the best on the market…

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