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Our Saddle Pad Technology

Cavallo Total comfort System Saddle Pads are, quite simply, “the best saddle pads in the world.” Our Tri-Density Solution combines the shock-absorbing power of three cutting-edge materials to provide both you and your horse with a superior ride each and every time you hit the trail.

Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads use the most technologically advanced materials to create “The best saddle pads in the world.”

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The secret is the The Cavallo Tri-Density Solution PLUS Performance Enhancement:

Saddle Pad Technology & Features

Technologically advanced materials allow the pad to provide more shock absorption than pads twice as thick. The thinner pad creates more room for articulation of the horse’s scapula during riding. Check out our full line of Cavallo Total Comfort System Saddle Pads.

Cavallo TCS Saddle Pads - HORSE & RIDER

Horse Benefits

  • Improves saddle fit by contracting at pressure points and filling up gaps.
  • Redistributes weight off the spine and onto the muscle, enhancing important saddle gullet function
  • Provides wither relief with unique cutback feature
  • Closed-cell compression allows shoulder blades to move more freely
  • Lightweight, Aerated design keeps your horse cooler

Construction Features

  • Cavallo’s Tri-Density Solution layered-foam construction is highly shock absorbent
  • Durable, high-quality construction – Tri-Density Solution, genuine leather butt joints, nylon bindings and aeration perforations.
  • Allows one saddle to be used with many different horses
  • Easy care – machine washable, drip to dry. Our pad is so durable you can even pressure wash it!
  • Reversible – 100% Merino wool on one side and closed-cell shock-absorbing foam on the other.