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Barefoot & Booted Dressage Movement Reaches Olympic Level

Barefoot Olympic Dressage Rider Uses Cavallo Hoof Boots

Did you know that Cavallo helps outfit top dressage horses as they travel to and around showgrounds at the highest performance levels? Professionals around the world are choosing to compete on their barefoot & booted dressage horses. Cavallo Boots help protect barefoot horses during travel/transport and as they warm up, train, and move over all surfaces, including gravel and varied aggressive terrain.

Meet this Olympic Rider Who Loves Booting her Horses

Cavallo Boots for Jacqueline Brooks Olympic Canadian Dressage TeamJacqueline Brooks, a Canadian dressage rider and two-time Olympian, keeps her performance horses barefoot. We got to know Jacqueline after she sent us an email testimonial, asking us if we’d like to sponsor her:

“I decided during the quarantine break to let all my horses go barefoot until I felt they needed shoes again. As time went by, I found there was little reason to return to shoes. My horse feels wonderful while working on footing, has no trouble with our grass and all-weather paddocks, and so far, all the jog strips have been rubber or footing when we show.”

Jacqueline says she does worry about her horse’s soles when moving around rocky stable grounds. Her Cavallo Trek Boots help keep her horses protected when they aren’t travelling over soft footing.

“The only place I struggled with [my barefoot] decision was around the stabling at shows. There is primarily gravel and stones. These boots have been a godsend. The horses are now completely comfortable going to and from the ring on any footing. They are also extremely comfortable in the gravel wash racks. I was so relieved to partner with Cavallo and to be able to maintain performing at this level of competition barefoot.”

Why Dressage Riders Love Trek

Trek Hoof Boots are the perfect fit for dressage riders who want to keep their horses barefoot and comfortable.

Dressage riders worldwide trust Cavallo Hoof Boots to help when horses transition to barefoot. Cavallos are made to move easily and effortlessly with horses. In addition, our boots are a must-have for helping hoof ailments and adding cushioning for shod or barefoot horses during trailer rides.

Trek boots are designed to move. They are the most flexible, durable, breathable, and user-friendly addition to the Cavallo Hoof Boot collection. The honeycomb design of Trek maximizes strength and minimizes weight for the comfortable performance your horse deserves. They also double as a hoof rehab boot if ever needed, keeping horses moving comfortably while healing from any type of hoof ailment.

About Jacqueline Brooks

As a two-time Olympian, Jacqueline has been a dressage competitor, trainer and coach for more than 20 years. During that time, she qualified for six Canadian Teams –one PanAm (Team Silver Medal), one WEG, two World Cup, and two Olympics. She has ridden Gran Gesto and D-Niro. She has trained more than 15 dressage horses to Grand Prix and is an Equine Canada certified Competition Coach Specialist who has helped numerous young riders and adult competitors of all equestrian disciplines achieve success in the ring.

Jacqueline is the Head Trainer at Brookhaven Dressage, located just outside of Newmarket Ontario. She welcomes clients in full or partial training and ship-ins for single lessons or short-term stays. Brooks is often a clinician across North America–sharing her expertise and encouraging teaching style with riders and their horses. Find out more about her HERE!

Cavallo Boots Support Horses to and from Paralympic Games

Noni Harveston new horse for ParalympicsWJ Noni Hartvikson and Onyx represented Team Canada for the 2021 Paralympics. Noni placed 9th Individually, and 7th in the Team Test. She helped Team Canada to a 10th place finish, improving on their 13th place finish in Rio in 2016. Noni said that the Paralympics has become hugely competitive with very expensive horses.

From Noni, after her horse travelled long distances in his boots: “We took some photos of Onyx today. He has finally recovered from his long trip to Tokyo, through the US and Germany and back! His boots are a year old and going strong and the new Pastern Wraps work absolutely perfectly for him. Thanks so much for your great products and support, I really appreciate it!”

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