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  • Cavallo Hoof Boots Laminitis Plan Series #1
    Laminitis Plan Series: Part 1

    Welcome to Your Ultimate Laminitis Guide, Part 1: Understanding Laminitis It’s a horse owner’s nightmare. To see your horse walking stiffly, shifting his weight off his front hooves, or not wanting to move at all can mean hoof damage and pain. Here, we’ll walk you through what to do if you suspect Laminitis. How to…

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  • Your Cavallo News – February 2024

    SO many Reasons to STAY! Will YOU be our next winner? We love having you here with us, so every month we pick a winner from our email list for a free pair of boots – your choice of style and colour! And don’t forget all the other reasons you stay with us… You get…

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  • Your Cavallo News – January 2024

    WIN A PAIR OF TREK! ANSWER OUR QUICK SURVEY TO WIN 1 OF 6 PAIRS OF TREK BOOTS! Are you willing to share your knowledge with us? If you’re on our list, you’re someone who knows about hoof boots. Here’s your chance to tell us what you like (and don’t like!). We want to hear…

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  • Your Cavallo News – December 2023

    OCTOBER ISSUE!!!! – Patrick’s book release in mid-October – Matt – three amigos w gravel video                     PURPLE TREK BOOTS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED! Purple Trek Hoof Boots are about to be released at month’s end! You’ve likely noticed – the hoof boot world is evolving….

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  • Barefoot hoof care rock stars - Dr. Tomas Teskey & Carole Herder
    Barefoot Rock Stars Unite in Canada

    In 2023, Barefoot Rock Stars Have a Whole New Following! At one point in time, in other circles, the term “Barefoot Rock Star” would conjure up an image of, say, Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, and k.d. lang. But in 2024, in equestrian circles, there are new Barefoot Rock Stars emerging world-wide every day in the…

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  • Your Cavallo News – September/October 2023

    PURPLE TREK BOOTS SOON TO BE RELEASED! When it comes to making your hoof boots, it has always been FUNCTION FIRST here, at Cavallo. But what follows after function has been mastered? According to all of your comments on our recent Facebook post, it’s COLOUR! And one colour has been mentioned most often. The colour…

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  • Your Cavallo News – July/August 2023

    Make Us Laugh to Win! YOU could end up with a pair of NEW Trek Pro Boots! Just go to our Facebook post HERE and tell us the lengths YOUR horse would go to for a pair of Trek Pro. The comment that makes us laugh the most will get the boots! (*PLEASE NOTE – we will…

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  • Your Cavallo News – June 2023

    Meet Chad, the Cavallo-Comfy Disney Horse Friends Stay in Touch… Tawnie made a fabulous video for Cavallo some years back and we were excited to find an email from her. She wrote to tell us about how she is seeing Cavallo Hoof Boots on Disney Horses! She shared this super cute photo of Chad, a…

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  • Your Cavallo News – May 2023

    She Would Be in a Very Dark Place… The change in this horse is dramatic and we are so grateful it was captured on video.  When we got Chelsea’s email, we were close to tears watching this “before” video (you’ll see why). Then there was the relief we felt when we saw the “After”…

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