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Hoof Boots that Stay on in Thick Snow and Freezing Mud

Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots in snow frozen mud

Because Snow and Freezing Mud is a Challenge

Not all hoof boots stay on during heavy snow and the inevitable mud that follows. I took on this seasonal problem and designed our horse hoof boots to mimic the natural shape of horses’ hooves. The famous conical shape helps prevent well-fitted boots from coming off. Cavallo Boots to have superior staying power.

Cavallo Boots enclose the entire hoof and protect the bulb area. Both the tongue—which can be adjusted to the angle of the hoof—and the soft leather collar serves to hold the boot in place, even on a less-than-perfect hoof. In short, Cavallos stay on almost every hoof type.

Winter-Proof Materials

Every style of Cavallo Boot is made with sturdy TPU soles and a Winter-durable upper. Cavallo Hoof Boots are designed with a sole and an upper that fits over and protects the horse’s heel bulbs. The boots’ inside backs are made of leather-padded foam, which, forms to each horse’s unique heel bulb structures. Think of quality leather shoes for humans–once the shoes break in and form to a foot, the fit is perfect. Speed up the break-in process by using leather conditioners, soaking in hot water, or simply riding through water and letting them dry on the hoof. Watch Herder’s video describing how to break in your horse’s boots HERE!

Horse owners can customize their horse’s Cavallo boot fit by adding Cavallo Pads and Wraps (or Sleeves) to help the boots fit well and stay on–right after a hoof trim and until it’s time for the next trim.

Muddy Cavallo Hoof Boots Boot Print

Mud is No Match for the Cavallo Drainage System

So, why do our boots stay on in wet, mucky conditions? The Cavallo drainage system keeps the boots from creating a vacuum. With proper drainage, water and moisture can flows through and mud can’t suck the boot away from the hoof! Read more HERE!

In this video, I show you the drainage locations on our boots and explain how they work:

Pull Up your Boot Straps!

Most riders travel through thick mud, deep snow, and dense fields with their Cavallos staying perfectly in place. However, even the best Velcro® can be compromised in certain extreme situations.

Riding through packed ice formations or icy mud can be tough on Velcro. When it comes to boot closures, we’ve got options for you! Check out our Trek, BFB and Simple Hoof Boot Buckle Straps!

We got this Buckle Strap review from Karen Klein:

“Love the buckle straps! Through mud, water, and tall grass, the Treks with the Buckle Strap stayed on. With no issues.”


Cavallo Trek Boot with Buckle Strap in snow

Slippery Frozen Mud? Just Add Studs

Easily add Cavallo Studs to your boot soles if you’re needing extra traction out there. All you need is a drill!

Watch this video to see some studded Cavallos tackling icy, mucky roads:


Studs and stud tool

Put to the Test:

UK dressage rider and trainer, Sue Grice, knows that the thick mud after the snow has melted can wreak havoc on SOME brands of hoof boots (and even her own rubber boots!) But NOT Cavallos! The conical shape and full coverage of Cavallo Boots will keep your boots ON – even in the worst, sucking mud. See it to believe it:

But How Do I Clean these Dirty Boots?

Need to wash thick, caked mud off Cavallo Boots? We’re happy to give these simple instructions:

1. Hose them down

2. If you have any stubborn dirt that doesn’t rinse easily, just scrub with a soft brush and rinse

3. Dry them out. That is all!

Thanks to Cavallo’s Brigitta, for showing us how it’s done:

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Wishing you many happy, fun & muddy trails,

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature
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