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Don’t Fight the Flow!

Green Trek Hoof Boots underwater

Okay friends…there is no way to avoid what’s coming, but it makes me feel better that we’re in it together… Autumn!  Wet. Rainy. Muddy. The sun disappears (even though we never wanted to say goodbye) and, through no fault of our own, we are left with water falling from the sky! Water in the sky leads to water on the ground…and, before you know it, mud is born.

Many of us still ride no matter what. We all know that a horse in constant motion is a healthy, happy horse, so it makes sense to push ourselves a bit and get our horses out. With proper gear it’s not so bad – but with REALLY GOOD gear it can be quite amazing! Please check out Emma Massingale’s incredible video (below) of our Trek GREEN Hoof Boot performing under water and you’ll get the idea!

People who have never used hoof boots often ask me if Cavallos stay on even in mud and water.  I have to laugh, as people who DO use our boots are always asking how our boots stay on so darn well!  The first trick is to size your boots well.  Take the time to measure carefully, perform a fit-test (we are always available to help) and make sure they are just the right fit for your horse.  And we’ve taken care of the rest by making a boot with superior drainage, so that no amount of mud or water can slow you and your horse down!!

Drainage is Everything…

There are visible drainage slots on either side of the boot (please see video) that allow mud, sand, water and debris to move and flow through the boot naturally.  There are also two drainage panels on the back of each boot (near the sole) that will open up once the boot is broken in.  This carefully-designed drainage system prevents suction and keeps your boot moving with your horse rather than sticking in the muck!  It’s as simple as that.  Our drainage system works WITH the mud and water, rather than against it.  Don’t fight the flow!

Please click on the video below, so I can show you where the drainage slots are located on your Cavallos: 

Carole Herder shows how the drainage system works on Cavallo Hoof Boots

Carole Herder shows how the drainage system works for Cavallo Hoof Boots










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