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Cavallo Boots During Transport – Your Horse Thanks You

Cheyenne Wimberly barrel racer uses Cavallo Hoof Boots trailering

Why Your Horse will Love Cavallo Boots During Transport

It makes me truly happy to be able to offer comfort to horses that travel long distances. Are you ready to hit the road for spring shows, rodeos, and trail rides? If you use Cavallo Boots during transport, your horse will thank you for the extra comfort and traction while in the trailer! Our boots come in all sizes and can easily fit over metal shoes, as well as bare hoofs. You can add even more padding to make sure your horse’s muscles aren’t fatigued when you arrive at your destination. Plus, Cavallo Boots are made to move in. Your horse will move easily as he gets on and off the trailer and walks around the event grounds in the boots.

2021 Cavallo horse Hoof Pad Differences ChartAdd Pads to Really Treat your Horse!

Adding pads inside your boots for even more support is easy. Our new Cushion Pads are made from specially-formulated microcellular foam, known to absorb shock and concussion. The Cushion Pads are available in both 5 mm & 10 mm thicknesses. We’ve got an array of pads, and our comparison chart will help you choose the best for your horse’s needs. You can check out all of our Pad options HERE! Whatever Pad you use, make sure to add our thin Protection Pads.  They’re made of a Kevlar-type material to protect your pads and boot soles from metal shoes and studs, elongating the life of your boots.

Measuring for a Secure Fit

If using boots for a shod horse, it’s possible that you may need to go up a size to accommodate the shoe and any pads added. For sizing, simply measure the length and width of the actual horseshoe itself (rather than the hoof), following our directions HERE. You can also ask one of our Customer Service Team members for help by calling us at 1-877-818-0037 or emailing usYou can also find us on our website chat at or connect by Facebook PM HERE!

On the Road with Cheyenne Wimberly

Barrel racer Cheyenne Wimberley uses her Cavallo Boots every time she puts her horses in the trailer for events. The Stephenville, Texas cowgirl joined the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association in 1987 and has qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo four times—most recently claiming 11thin the world standings. She has had her horses wear Cavallos while covering over 100,000 miles last year on the road.

“Trailering is the Hardest Part on the Horse”

Cheyenne Wimberley Cavallo horse Trek Hoof Boots Barrel racer trailering rodeo“We travel a lot of miles and the trailering is the hardest part on the horse,” Wimberley says. “I was looking for a boot to help absorb some of the shock of the trailer ride. I wanted a boot with a flat surface that wouldn’t change the angle of the foot. I wanted the foot to remain in the angles of the shoeing.  For me, it’s more about shock absorption than it is for any traction. I also like having them on so when we stop to walk I know they have protection from any rocks or rough surfaces.”

Wimberley says the boots are easy to put on and she has found that her horses are in good shape when they finally step off at the final event location.

“These are the easiest boots ever,” she says. “They are quick to put on and last great. Mine have been on for hundreds of thousands of miles with no issues. When we arrive, I think they move better. Not as stoved up as without boots.“

Once at her events, Wimberley says she also puts the boots on when her horses are standing on concrete. “We keep them on in the stalls or while standing at the trailer getting ready for competition.”

“We go about 100,000 miles a year,” she says. “So we sometimes haul 12-16 hours a day. We walk the horses every 4 hours. These are the best boots made. They are easy to use, have great traction, and last forever.”

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