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Changing History One Ride at a Time

Innovative Cavallo Hoof Boots

Did you ever think that every major car company would be producing an electric car? Remember when it seemed like an impossibility? Electric Cars? Are YOU kidding?

Then along came Tesla.

Now electric cars are becoming commonplace.

Here’s a snippet of an article that was recently published on Reuters News Website (

“Global Carmakers to Invest at Least $90 Billion in Electric Vehicles

Ford Motor Co’s plan to double its electrified vehicle spending is part of an investment tsunami in batteries and electric cars by global automakers that now totals $90 billion and is still growing, a Reuters analysis shows.

The world’s top automakers are poised to introduce dozens of new battery electric and hybrid gasoline-electric models over the next five years.  Investments in electrified vehicles announced to date include at least $19 billion by automakers in the United States, $21 billion in China and $52 billion in Germany.”

The analogy to electric cars is obvious, but maybe they have just not yet heard about Cavallo Hoof Boots.


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