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Frodo – A Laminitic Horse with Some Healing to do!

Sue Grice's horse Frodo with Laminitis - Cavallo Hoof Boots

Sue Grice, well-known UK Horsewoman, thought she might lose her beloved Gypsy Cob when he was given a Laminitis diagnosis.  It’s what every horse owner fears most, and it had happened to Frodo.

Sue Grice and Frodo, wearing Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots for Laminitis

Sue Grice and Frodo, wearing Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots for Laminitis

Is Laminitis Your Enemy?  Here’s How to WIN

Frodo was down for the count when Sue discovered the real benefits of using Cavallo Hoof Boots.  Sue knew that if she was going to keep Frodo alive, she would have to keep him moving.  He was in so much pain that he was reluctant to walk and put weight on his feet.  Sue got him some Cavallo BFB (Big Foot) boots and Cavallo hoof boot pads to help ease his discomfort.

The boots do two things for a laminitic horse. Durable, resilient and shock absorbing soles protect and make every step predictable, helping Frodo quickly realize that he didn’t have to anticipate stepping on a stone, or wince at the pain of stepping down on uneven ground.  The boots provide a huge amount of shock absorption and they prevent excess shock from traveling through the hoof and lower leg (which can cause structural pain, even up to his shoulder and spinal structure).  The boots can be worn almost 24/7, but it’s always important to take them off once a day to look inside, check the pasterns, ensure cleanliness and air them out.

The results were very exciting for Sue.  Along with veterinary care and lots of TLC, she saw the boots motivating Frodo to more again! His progress was gradual but steady, and he made a full recovery.  Now he is back to competing and loving life.  Sue believes a great deal of his recovery is owed to his Cavallos.


Watch Frodo’s journey against Laminitis here:

Is Your Horse Suffering from Laminitis?

Did you know how much Cavallo Hoof Boots can help reduce pain and discomfort and help to get your horse active again?  At Cavallo, we hear from people every day who use our boots to help heal from Laminitis/Founder, Navicular Syndrome, White Line Disease, Thrush, Arthritis, Abscess, Hoof Cracks, and more.  If your horse needs help you can always contact us, toll-free at 1-877-818-0037 (Canada & USA) or email us at .  Krystle, Wendy or Jenny will give you the information you are looking for to start moving forward with your healing process by fully protecting your horse’s hoofs.


Wishing you many healthy, happy trails,

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