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I Had SO Much Fun being Interviewed on Carly Kade’s Podcast!

Carole Herder Podcast interview Carly Kade Creative (4)

On Rethinking Horseshoes, and the Evolution of Cavallos

Carly Kade’s Podcast put the spotlight on Equestrian Author s and her interviews are world-renowned. Listeners know they’ll hear inspirational stories from popular horse book authors… Carly never disappoints.  This is why I was honoured to be asked invited as her latest guest.

Join me and Carly!

Here’s my episode! you’ll get to really know me here, as an author and as Cavallo Horse & Rider Founder and President.  Find out:

    • ​About my passion for horses and holistic wellness, which led me to found Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc., where we now manufacture and distribute horse products in 26 countries worldwide.
    •  How I designed and developed the range of Cavallo Hoof Boots to help horses receive the protection required when riding on terrain that the bare hoof is not conditioned to.
    • About my thoughts on caring for horse’s hooves naturally, and why I promote that keeping horses barefoot is the better choice.
    • And MUCH more!

You can listen in to the audio version HERE

OR you can watch the video version of the podcast here:  

– Wishing you happy trails and happy listening!

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