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Teddy the Shetland – Celebrities Come in ALL Sizes!

Teddy the Shetland Pony Mini - Cavallo Hoof Boots CLB Bling

Meet London’s New “IT” Pony!

We were contacted by Teddy the Shetland’s human, Alice, a few months back, as she was looking for some VERY special boots for Teddy.  You see, Teddy wasn’t just looking for any old miniature horse boots.  This little Shetland Pony is an international sensation in the fashion and film world as well as a beloved therapy horse.  He needed boots that would be in keeping with his sparkling personality and flashy lifestyle!

Teddy the Shetland in Cavallo CLB Bling Hoof Boots

Whether modeling for a Dior 14-page magazine spread (honestly!)  appearing as a guest on the TV show BBC Breakfast, or attending celebrity parties and film premieres, Teddy was needing to dress to impress.  And we had JUST the boots for him!

Cavallo CEO, Greg Giles, immediately shipped Teddy four CLB (Cute Little Boot) ‘BLING’ Hoof Boots so he could hit the red carpet and indoor floors in style. Now Teddy steps out in London feeling like the best-dressed pony in town!

Teddy has a staggering 112,000 followers on Instagram, where he describes himself as “International Heartbreaker” and “dabbles in modelling/ womanizing”!  With that sweet face and fluffy, blond hairdo, we believe him!  He has also been the star of numerous short films, and they are so well-acted by Teddy that they can bring a tear to your eye (so go grab some tissues before viewing!).

Teddy the Shetland Gives

Despite all the fame and glory, Teddy never forgets what it was like to be a regular horse in today’s world. He does his part to fund raise to help his fellow animals.  You can actually purchase a ‘Teddy the Shetland’ ornament, and one dollar from every sale goes to support the ASPCA.

Teddy the Shetland and Greg Giles at BETA UK - Cavallo Hoof Boots Bling CLB ..

Cavallo CEO, Alice and Teddy at the BETA show, UK

He also volunteers!  In fact – the people who notice and enjoy his boots the most are the folks in the seniors’ care homes where Teddy regularly visits.  The floors are often wood, or linoleum and Teddy can now navigate these interiors with confidence, as his CLB’s grip to keep his footing firm, letting him focus on his job – which is loving people!  A little bit of ‘Bling’ goes a long way to delight and surprise these folks, who absolutely adore Teddy and his wee, sparkly boots!  Greg recently caught up with Alice and Teddy in action at the BETA trade show in Birmingham UK and was happy to get some fun photos with them.

Looking GOOD, Teddy!  We LOVE you!


To follow Teddy on Instagram, you can find him @teddytheshetland, and she also has a Facebook page where you can see his latest appearances on the London social scene!


May your days and nights be full of ‘Bling’,

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