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Cavallo Hoof Boots Article Library

Looking for a Fresh Resource for Natural and Barefoot Horse Keeping?

Thinking of taking your horse barefoot? Our continually updated Cavallo online learning library features over 30 articles and counting! I aim to help you in your transition to barefoot riding or support you in your journey if you’re already barefoot and booted. I have also added articles to support riders of shod horses, who use boots for extra traction, trailering, and protection.  Have a little one? Many of my articles apply to mini horses, and some are specific to their needs. To find articles that resonate with you and your horse, see the index and search through the archives HERE!

This ever-expanding library of resources includes unsolicited testimonials from horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians. Read about hoof conformation—including what to look for when it comes to healthy heel bulbs, how to identify white line disease and how to judge the shape of hooves and heels and so much more!

Here's a Quick Roundup of Some Topics Covered:

Ask Away - We've Got the Answers

Helping horses has become my life’s work and it’s important to me that all horse owners to have access to information about great hoof care. These articles will help you to understand the mechanics of the hoof. Owning a horse means being faced with decisions along the way. When you understand and ask questions about your horse’s hooves, you’ll have the knowledge and understanding you need to make the best decisions for your horses. And when you understand how the hoof functions, you’ll understand why barefoot riding is a great option!

I’m making a commitment to you to continually add new articles and scientific reports to this site. Bookmark the link to stay up to date about hoof care trends:

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