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ACTHA Member with Hoof Boots & Saddle Pads


A Happy ACTHA Member –

Well, I have to admit it’s because of ACTHA that I “found” Cavallo.  But I’m very glad I did. For as long as I have owned Marty, I’ve had to put front shoes on him when we rode in rough areas.  I’ve not wanted to buy other brands of boots because they looked so difficult to put on.  But the Simple Boot is just that!  Simple & they work very well.  Now I don’t have to worry about where we ride.  I did buy the gel inserts for a surer fit & they are working fine.  I’ve also purchased the western saddle pad & am very pleased with that, too. Marty needed the added padding in the shoulders & I no longer see any “spots” after a long ride.  All the products are easy to clean, easy to use, & just plain WORKS very well.

I’ve attached a picture of me & Marty taken at an ACTHA ride at South Mountains State Park, Connelly Springs, NC.

I also want to thank all the staff, including you, at Cavallo for being very quick to reply & for being so knowledgeable & helpful.

Thank you & I look forward to receiving the Sport Boots.

Ann Harris
Monroe, GA

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