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Cavallo Videos

  • The Science Behind Cavallos
    The Science Behind Cavallos

    A recent independent hoof boot study by the Western Kentucky University Equine Science Department determined that Cavallo Hoof Boots benefit horses.

  • Cavallo Hoof Boot Fitting
    Cavallo Hoof Boot Fitting

    This video demonstrates how to properly fit your new Cavallo hoof boots and make sure they’re the best possible size for your horse.

  • Breaking in your Cavallos
    Breaking in your Cavallos

    Breaking in your Cavallo Hoof Boots is easy! The boots will customize to YOUR horse’s unique bulb area, for a perfect, custom fit. Watch here to learn how!

  • Hoof Boot Technology
    Hoof Boot Technology

    Cavallo Hoof Boots are made with state-of-the-art, shock-absorbing materials in physiologically advanced designs – to provide comfort, stability and safety for both you and your horse.

  • Western Kentucky University Study
    Western Kentucky University Study

    Dr. Jennifer Gill and Gabriella Lynn of Western Kentucky University discuss how Cavallo Hoof Boots significantly reduced hoof pressure over shod hoof treatments in their 2019 independent study.

  • Which Boot’s Best ?
    Which Boot’s Best ?

    Which Cavallo Hoof Boot should you choose? The beauty of it is – there’s no wrong answer! Cavallo CEO Greg Giles explains the evolution of Cavallo styles and sole widths!

  • Taking your Shoes off for Winter?
    Taking your Shoes off for Winter?

    Are you taking your metal horseshoes off for Winter to give your horse a break and so they can have better traction on ice and snow? Carole has some tips for you…

  • Which Hoof Boot Pad?
    Which Hoof Boot Pad?

    Is your horse asking for Cavallo Hoof Boot Pads?Offer your horse extra comfort during trail riding, hoof rehabilitation, turnout, jumping and more!