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Dan Steers - A Cavallo Kinda Guy!

Dan steers Double Dan Horsemanship

It’s no secret that The Double Dans (Double Dan Horsemanship) have always loved their Cavallo Hoof Boots.  Like Cavallo, Double Dan Horsemanship was developed for the love of the horse. Partners Dan James and Dan Steers work towards helping to create well-rounded horses in any discipline, that become perfect equine partners. Much of their work is through Liberty training and we LOVE what they do! 

Dan Steers Knows a Good Saddle Pad when he Finds one!

Dans Steers needed a high-performance saddle pad and he decided Cavallo Saddle Pads fit all of his needs!  He needs a pad that really fit his horse’s back and keeps his horse cool during trainer’s shows and challenges. In the video below, Dan explains how his Cavallo Pad keeps him in close contact  to his horse, as he needs to feel his horse when he’s training!  There are also some great action shots of Dan at a Trainer’s Challenge.  Enjoy!