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I recently received an email that REALLY caught my attention.  As a woman AND as a maker of Cavallo Hoof Boots!  I wanted to share this with you, as many members of our Cavallo Community are women in this critical age range where heart heath is concerned.  Those who are not are welcome to pass this information on to loved ones who may benefit from this valuable information:

Hello Ms. Herder:

I have been a big fan of Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots for quite a few years.  I became a horseman about 17 years ago after moving to Arizona.  I love trail riding and Cavallo Trek boots have been excellent in the rocky terrains of Sedona and Prescott – even during snowy winters in Flagstaff.  I found Cavallo boots to be the best after trying other brands of boots. 

My profession is physician/cardiologist – but my passion (besides riding horses) has been audio production.  For almost 20 years I have produced one-minute health segments for radio. After medical school I attended a broadcast school on nights and weekends and worked with broadcast professionals for over a year to learn audio/music production and editing.  My segments (called HealthGrabber) have been aired for many years in Arizona by on four radio stations in central and northern Arizona.

Dr Jim Dwyer and his horse, Levi

Dr Jim Dwyer and his horse, Levi

I periodically read “Your Cavallo News” and today I saw “Surprise Gift from Emma Massingale”. So very cute!  It gave me the thought to share one of my audio segments that speaks about women and heart attacks. I suspect women are the largest part of your audience/clientele.

 I thought you might like to share the attached “Heart Attacks in Women” segment with your Cavallo audience.  There is the possibility that listening to this brief audio segment might make a difference in someone’s life – or the life of a loved one.  Having dealt with thousands and thousands of heart attack patients over the years – I know well that it is much better to catch heart disease before a heart attack happens.

 Thanks again for your excellent product. I Just came back from riding today in the Granite Mountain Wilderness and my horse Levi was wearing his Cavallo boots.”

 – Jim Dwyer, MD         

I love Cavallos Heart drawn in sandTo Listen to Dr. Jim Dwyer’s audio segment “Heart Attacks in Women” click HERE:

You can check out Dr. Dwyer’s radio show here:

Happy Trails,

Carole Herder's Signature

Carole Herder's Signature

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