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Taking Care of the ‘Big Guys’ with Cavallo BFB Draft-Sized Hoof Boots

Cavallo BFB ‘Big Foot Boot’ is a Must-Have for Large Horses

Connie challice draft horse feathers BFB Hoof Boot Cavallo

BFB’s and feathers go so well together! Photo: Connie Challice

By request, Cavallo BFB Draft-sized Hoof Boots were developed to meet the needs of carriage/driving, working and pleasure drafts, as well as those in need of a boot during periods of hoof rehabilitation.  Producing a hoof boot that could support the weight and activity of animals weighing around a ton was no simple task for us!  Technically advanced materials are selected to withstand intense weight and pressure in repetitive motion and be counted on to provide shock absorption and weight distribution. Even on hard asphalt, gravel or rocky trails, these boots perform!

Offered in sizes 7, 8, 9 and 10, the success of BFB became immediately apparent. BFB Poly Pad insoles are also an option in our product line. These insoles function to provide even more shock absorption when needed or to tighten boot fit (just like with our human shoes).

Supporting Draft Horses – From the Ground Up

Constructed on soles of a specially formulated thermoplastic urethane (TPU) compound, BFB provides maximum protection, unsurpassed traction, durability, and abrasion resistance.  Uppers made of industrial-grade 1680 Denier Nylon, with secure wrap-around closures, offer quick hoof insertion and full protection.  Viola –  the draft hoof is cushioned and perfectly protected by the BFB during any demanding activities and tough terrain.

Cavallo BFB Steals the Show at the Rodeo!

The Cavallo BFB and ELB Bling recently roped in the crowds at the 2019 Calgary Stampede!

Connie Challice is an accomplished barefoot trimmer from Calgary, Alberta.  This July, Connie and her crew had a vital role to play at the Calgary Stampede – to provide a team of horses for the Stampede Parade. They pulled national, provincial, and city politicians as well as esteemed veterans (on their wheelchair-accessible wagon). Connie, herself, drew the RCMP and First Nations dignitaries in their Vis-a-vis carriage.

Ready for the Calgary Stampede Parade in Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots!

Ready for the Calgary Stampede Parade in Cavallo BFB Hoof Boots!

Connie commented on using BFB’s on their drafts during these events:

“We had a team of Suffolk Punch horses (Jack and Flame) driven at the 2019 Calgary Stampede parade. They are an older team, and Flame has a little arthritis – after pavement work, he sometimes seems sore. Now that we’re using the Cavallo BFB Boots and Pads, he’s able to do many miles and remains comfortable. We all are grateful for this; it makes so much sense to have a comfortable option that helps absorb the shock of the pavement. Luke, our 8-year-old Clydesdale, was wearing Cavallo BFBs under his feathers and they were absolutely amazing for the whole event; he was even comfortable on the crushed road gravel.”  

Wishing all the BIG horses many happy trails,

Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature



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