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Happy Birthday to the Fabulous Trek Hoof Boot!

It is with pleasure that I am announcing the first Birthday of our Cavallo Trek Boot!

It’s been a full year since you were first introduced to the new Trek Boot, by Cavallo.   During Trek’s 1st year on the market, you’ve shown your overwhelming delight by providing some incredible feedback. Trek is now Cavallo’s most popular hoof boot   – and here’s what you’re saying about it:

“We find the new Trek Hoof Boot to be a quality product that has been durable and easy to put on.  The option of ordering a slim boot was helpful, especially for our horse’s narrower hooves. Our horse wears the Trek Slim Hoof Boot 24/7 on all 4 hooves. We go on trail rides, as well as do arena work with boots on. Also, the design of the replaceable Velcro strap is practical, as the Velcro usually is the first thing to wear out on boots. With the replacement strap design, simply replace the Velcro strap when it’s worn out.”

– Janice Wallace, Battle Ground, Washington

Thank you so much for your sponsorship of Cavallo hoof boots for the Caravan transcontinental wagon trek.  Our barefoot /booted horses are doing great!!!  We have gone from California to San Antonio Texas and are currently taking a Christmas break.  The boots are amazing and getting a lot of attention as any metal shod horses are only getting about two weeks of wear before needing replacements (even with borium welded on to preserve them) and our Cavallo boots have lots of miles left in them and we are still on the first pair.” 

– Verne Kemble and Connie Challice, Indus, Alberta, Canada: The Transcontinental Wagon Ride

Horse Hoof Boots

What makes the Trek Boot truly special is the TPU Pro Mesh upper – It’s made from the same material used to make the Cavallo Boot soles. This powerfully strong material is exclusive worldwide to Cavallo Hoof Boots.   The TPU Pro Mesh upper was created by combining technologically advanced materials – enabling Cavallo to offer your horse the best abrasion resistance and shock protection possible.   So don’t hold back – Trek Boots enjoy a challenge!   This means you and your horse can ride with safety and confidence that your boots will hold up through any terrain you put them through. Breathable, tear proof and incredibly strong,  no glues or adhesives are used in production. And Pro  Mesh is wonderfully easy to care for…simply brush, shake or hose off if required.

More Features Offered by the Cavallo Trek Boot:

–  Ride a lot?  If your Trek Velcro replaceable straps become fatigued, just switch them out to elongate the life of your boots. An extra strap is included with each Trek Boot,  giving you the most value for your money.

–  Soft, flexible, cushioned collar provides ultra comfort for your horse.

–  Ride at night?  Trek boots have highly visible reflectors on the front and back for extra safety if you’re caught out after dark.

–  Honeycombed design optimizes strength and minimizes weight – making Trek a very lightweight boot.

–  The signature Cavallo drainage slots allow your horse surefootedness through any terrain. There is no buildup of mud or debris and boots never become weighted.

Horse Hoof Boots

 As a bonus, you get The Cavallo Best Boot Warranty. In the unlikely event your Cavallos break within the first 6 months / 180 days, Cavallo will repair or replace your boots FREE OF CHARGE. You can rest assured that at Cavallo, we stand behind the quality of our products, taking the stress out of your purchase!

Order online at or call our customer service experts to make your Trek order  at  1-877-818-0037

Cavallo Hoof Boots are available at quality tack stores, equine catalogs and websites

When it comes right down to it, a hearty, well-functioning hoof boot means a happy, comfortable horse.  If you’re happy, we’re happy!

Horse Hoof Boots

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