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Happy Hoofs! Apache’s Laminitis Story

Allison McGinty's horse Apache -using Cavallo Hoof Boots to heal from Laminitis

Allison McGinty from the UK took the time to tell us Apache’s Laminitis story. She sent us in a quick video telling how Cavallo Hoof Boots helped her beautiful girl come through Laminitis earlier this year. Thank you, Allison, we are so happy to hear your story!

Allison McGinty and Apache - Using Cavallo Hoof Boots to heal Laminitis

Have Cavallos helped your horse?  We’d love to hear your story!  Don’t be shy…click the link below to make a quick 1-2 minute video.  You will be guided by prompts to create your video, and when you’re done, you simply click a button to send it in to us!

Share your story HERE!





Wishing you many happy, healthy miles in your Cavallos,

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