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Ride and Win Big Bucks

How would you like to simultaneously WIN BIG money AND have an amazing time with your incredibly talented horse? Now you can have it all. You’ve probably heard about it all already, but I just had to mention it one more time. Mostly because I am so proud of our commitment to the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) program. I love that we’re helping to make “just a trail horse”, one to be valued and respected.

They really are, aren’t they? Packing us through thundering runoff, bottomless mud pits and gravel that could cut the callous off a steel guitar player’s finger tips. The trust worthy trail horse. Now being trained to navigate perfectly in response to your subtle cues, around, through, under and over all the ACTHA obstacles.

Guess what ecstatic 2013 ACTHA National Champion Judy Limsky’s horse was wearing? Of course Cavallo Boots. And we want to help you get there too so there’s a lot more on the plate this year, because Cavallo is offering an additional $5000.00 to anyone competing through the season in Cavallo Hoof Boots.

Good Luck Competitors riding your horses with their safe, solid and comfortable hoofwear!

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