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Update: Hoof boots save foundered mare

Some of you may remember the story we posted about this horse recently. If not you can view it by clicking here. We recently received an update on the mare and wanted to share it with you.

I have an update for you on Lilla Gumman. On January 10 I spoke with Margaretta.  She was so excited she could hardly contain herself!! Lilla Gumman was cantering, trotting and gaiting beautifully in her pasture for the first time since she had foundered last year. I had started trimming her September 6 so in just a little over 4 months of correct trimming this mare has made a complete recovery from a devastating founder! I actually cried when she told me how beautiful  Lilla was moving, pain free and a horse once again!  It is a very emotional experience to see a horse that was in such pain recover and regain her health.

The Cavallo boots were an integral part of the healing process and were a big factor in keeping the mare moving and comfortable during her rehabilitation. This sped up the healing process considerably! Movement, movement, movement is the key to their healing and if they are comfortable enough to walk, they will do so and heal. Thank you for being so proactive and innovative in your boot design as they have helped out many horses I have worked on become sound again.

Happy trails,

Marianne Allen
Know Hoof, Know Horse Barefoot Practitioner
Southwest Ranches, Florida

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