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Update: Transforming to Hoof Boots

We’re ready for barefoot trim #5 this week.  I thought you’d enjoy seeing the difference in Tippy’s left front foot, comparing his first trim on May 15, 2011

with the same foot just after the third trim on August  6, 2011.

A remarkable difference…I’m thrilled with the transformation!  Tippy is now hitting the wall of his foot first, then the sole, and the frog last.  I don’t totally understand how all this works,
but simply by allowing his foot to grow and wear naturally with regular trims every six weeks, in just three months, it’s amazing to see the improvement.  His feet are strong and don’t chip or split.  We love our Cavallo Hoof Boots for trail riding and ACTHA rides!  They’re so easy to put on and remove. They’re virtually indestructable.  I still like using the pastern wraps for extra protection and snugging up the fit.

Thank you, Carole, and Cavallo for giving Tippy healthier, stronger feet, while greatly decreasing one major maintenance expense – no more shoes!

Donna Jensen & Tippy,  2011 America’s Favorite Trail Horse Finalist

We’re looking forward to seeing even further improvements over the next few months.  Congratulations Donna and Tippy on your transition to barefoot life!

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