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Yes – you can be a Farrier AND a Barefoot Advocate!

Adam Kittel - Cavallo Hoof Boots Testimonial

Adam Kittel - using Cavallo Hoof Boots - in snow“My farrier is a barefoot advocate. A healthy hoof is one without nails. He gave me plenty of advice on keeping my horses hooves healthy.  He recommended using boots for trail rides and sand arena work.  My mare is a retired reining horse and prone to abscess.  The first time I put the Trek hoof  boot on her, she took a few curious steps.  Then she seemed to catch on that her feet were not impacting the ground.  She used to be very cautious with her feet – now she runs and stomps around like she’s immortal.  She loves them!!  They protect her entire hoof.  Now everyone at the stable is switching from shoes to boots.”

– Adam Kittel, Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado






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