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Your Cavallo News – February 2024

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

STAY ON OUR LIST TO WIN! Announce winner & how we will be drawing one pair of Boots (any style) from our list each month and announce in this NL - also talk about value, rescue work, donations, promos, new product announcements

Rebecca Brown training & eventing uses Cavallo Hoof Boots for thin soles

“I would recommend Cavallo Boots to my students and clients.

I looked into boots for my older eventing horse when he continued to have sore feet after each time his feet were trimmed. The farrier said his soles were thin and he should be shod. I’m not a fan of all those nails in his hoof and the cycle of shoeing required, so I researched the many types of boots out there. I actually tried another brand first as a friend of mine was a dealer.  Try as we may, we could not get a good fit and I didn’t want to shim them here and there and all over just to make them fit. 

I saw the BFB by Cavallo and looked more into them  They were great online helping with fitting. I ordered them with trepidation but when they came they fit first time like a glove!!!  I have ordered the Pastern Wraps as an added comfort.

SPOGA Horse - Germany Update

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5 stars review for Andrea Wady podcast
Google Review for Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots
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BEST OF - Social Media Section FB & IG Highlights

Cavallo Hoof Boots at SPOGA Horse Germany trade show

Carole and Greg attended SPOGA horse show in Cologne Germany for their 18th time, this is a trade show where all of Cavallo’s worldwide distributors attend and review the past year and discuss plans for the new year and beyond, especially new product developments which for this year include Donkey Boots plus a very exciting new boot. They also meet up with many retailers from all over the EU & UK and there where some also there from USA & Canada & Australia. So lots of networking with our Cavallo Community and other equine industry people which all helps Cavallo maintain their # 1 position as the world’s most trusted hoof boots. 

This can be with Geisla’s photo – feel free to edit above as you wish.

Rachel Action Video

Beautiful video by @stallmansas (Instagram) @stallmansas – Dina Mansås – Norway

Enjoying time with your horse doesn’t have to mean riding…

6 Winners of Trek for completing the survey:

– Tabatha Nuner, Anza California

– Lisa Padro, Hamden CT

 – Arielle Sabourin, Saskatoon, SK

– Angela McMillen, Brantford, Ontario

– Patsy Lange, Urda UT

– Michelle Hurni, Estes Park, CO 
















If you’re on our list, you’re someone who knows about hoof boots. Here’s your chance to tell us what you like (and don’t like!). We want to hear from you!

Take our quick survey to be automatically entered to WIN 1 of 6 pairs of Trek Boots:

Carole Connects with Hoof Enthusiasts in The Aloha State!

Hawaii Flag

On the enchanting island of O’Hahu, Hawaii, we sent out a beacon calling in local horse lovers. They answered, loud and clear!

Engaging with like-minded horse enthusiasts who share a genuine passion for their beloved animals was an absolute delight, and I even had the pleasure of conversing with a 70-year-old tortoise, lively piggies, and curious goats who seemed just as enthralled by the day as we were.

Special mahalo to our hosts, Julius and Michelle (of Hoof, Talon & Paw Foundation and elderly horse sanctuary) truly shone as the ultimate hosts, setting the stage with an incredible sound system that ensured every word I shared resonated with clarity. Special Mahalo 

AND the ever-generous Greg added an extra layer of joy by showering participants with thoughtful gifts!


Koda, a rescue horse at Cito's Rescue wearing donated Cavallo Hoof Boots

We have donated over 1000 pairs in the past couple of years to horses in need. Please meet Koda, one of the horses helped by this initiative:

Good morning! Sending an update of Koda in his new boots! He still struggles with abscesses and I believe he has had FIVE since September 2023!

His liver is not fully functional and he has an infection in his pedal bone from the abscesses on the x-rays, so we are honing in on the cause and hopefully can get him treated and stop this cycle soon.

Despite it all, he fights the fight and continues in his gruff old-man ways. I really love this ole guy! Thanks again for your support, it means the world to me and Koda.

Ruth S Altman, DVM, CRPM
Altman Mobile Veterinary Rehab & Pain Management
Cito’s Rescue, Loveland, Colorado

What On Earth Are These Girls Doing?


What YOU'VE Been Asking: Are Cavallo Boots Test Proven?

If you’re interested in modern hoof care you likely follow us closely and know this already, BUT… If you’re new to booting, you may find yourself asking this question. We’ve had so many people asking by email, phone and message: 

Are Cavallo Hoof Boots scientifically proven to benefit horses?”

The answer is YES. In fact, we are the ONLY hoof boot company that can say our boots have been scientifically tested.

Step into the groundbreaking study by Dr. Jennifer Gill and Gabriella Lynn from the Western Kentucky University Equine Sciences Department. They concluded the first-ever independent university comparison between hoof boots and traditional metal shoes, with their top hoof boot pick being the remarkable Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots.

Unlocking a realm of comfort, protection, and minimized hoof damage, the study is a testament to what Carole has been passionately sharing with the equine community since 2006.

The research delved into surface area, force, and pressure exerted on horse hooves navigating the unforgiving terrain of asphalt. Employing cutting-edge FujiFilm Prescale pressure measurement film, the scientists gauged the pressure experienced by the hooves, revealing dynamic insights through vibrant color imaging.

According to Dr. Gill, “The Cavallo Hoof Boots proved to be a game-changer, safeguarding the entire hoof and surpassing other forms of protection like traditional horseshoes. The thicker tread of the Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots provided superior ground contact compared to metal horseshoes.”

The results were unequivocally in favor of Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots, as Dr. Gill explains, “The pressure recorded with Cavallo was significantly lower than other treatments, precisely as we anticipated. The increased surface area in contact with the ground, thanks to the substantial tread, offers horses better traction and enhanced ability to handle forces and pressure on challenging terrains.”

Read the study published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science:

Cavallo Hoof Boots FAQ!

Photo showing how to store your Cavallo Hoof Boots - by Hannah Buschhaus

How Should I Store my Cavallo Boots?

It is best to store your Cavallo Boots in a cool, dry location with good air circulation. Boots that are wet should be allowed to dry before placing them in storage and should NOT be stored in the original box.

As with most hoof boot brands, Cavallo soles are moulded in industrial-grade TPU (Thermoplastic Urethane). Under certain conditions, this compound may be vulnerable to a chemical reaction that can happen when older boots are stored (not used) for prolonged periods, in unfavourable conditions.

This can be avoided by ensuring good air ventilation and avoiding humidity over 70%. A combination of temperatures as high as 40 Degrees Celsius with high moisture content should be avoided.  Follow these easy instructions and your hoof boots will last for many years. 

Please be wary if you are purchasing your boots second-hand, as you may not have information on how the boots were stored or cared for prior to you owning them.

Wishing you many happy trails,


Carole Herder Cavallo Hoof Boots Signature

Survey and Cavallo Trek Pair Contest Details: Drawing for the 6 pairs of Cavallo Trek Hoof Boots to be held on February 5, 2024. The winner will be publicly announced in our following Cavallo newsletter. The winner will be notified on Feb. 5, 2024, via the email address provided in the survey ~ Prizes will be shipped to the winner free of charge.

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