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Your Cavallo News! January 2022

Celebrating Cavallo Horse Hoof Boots Community

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It's Time for a Brand New Year!

To bring in the New Year, I am wishing you happiness, comfort and plenty of playtime with your horses. It’s been an ‘interesting’ year. Did you ever think we would really still be talking about Covid? I didn’t. As we courageously move forward, our values continue to shift. Many of us, including me, are searching for more meaning, purpose and understanding. I often find myself saying “I’d rather be happy than right” because I don’t know. I just don’t know. And I am OK with that. It’s liberating to admit I don’t know what the future will hold or even why things happen as they do. And rather than trying to make declarations, I am getting more curious to play, just to frolic in this field of all possibilities. I am becoming increasingly comfortable with uncertainty.

Dr. Seuss Cat in Hat CartoonIt’s never too late to be playful. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. And as Dr. Suess said, “You’ll never get bored when you try something new. There’s really no limit to what you can do.”

Please know you are treasured. Thank you for being part of our Cavallo Community. Changing the world one horse at a time.

Yvonne Visits Shy Boy at Monty's Ranch!

Cavallo’s Yvonne Welz Knows How to Have a Great Holiday!

Have you ever commented or PM’d us through our Cavallo Facebook page? Chances are, you’ve spoken with Yvonne! She took a vacation out west over the holidays, and she did it right!

The most memorable stop on her trip was Monty Roberts’s ranch, Flag is Up Farms, in Solvang, California. This spectacular 75-acre farm is open for visitors, and it’s free to tour during their regular farm hours. The friendly visitor center staff said that there were 70 horses currently in residence, but typically there can be as many as 130. The farm has a full schedule of training events and courses that are open to watch. Yvonne was able to observe a private session with a trainer and young Thoroughbred, and she walked through endless paddocks and pastures filled with gorgeous equines of all different breeds. 

Of course, one horse, in particular, stood out above all the rest – her favourite was definitely Shy Boy! This famous mustang that Monty Roberts tamed in the wild in 1997, is now 26 years old. He wasn’t so shy when Yvonne approached, to say hello – when Yvonne called out Shy Boy’s name, he looked right at her, and then walked right up to her with a soft nicker!

Other high points of Yvonne’s vacation were walks in beautiful parks and on beaches and a whale-watching boat tour where she saw gray whales, humpback whales and dolphins! 

So Yvonne is refreshed and ready for your questions – be sure to drop her a line on Facebook to say hello!

What a Year for Horses!

For many people and equines, 2021 was a year of ups and downs. Many areas had some beautiful Summer weather, but some areas became too dry and were ravaged by wildfires.

Trying to get horses and farm animals to safety is a challenging task, and many (the lucky ones) were relocated with short notice. These included elderly horses, horses with existing hoof issues, entire horse rescue organizations, and even horses whose feet were burned or injured from fleeing fires. 

These horses needed quick help and comfort so we swung into action here and packed up box after box of boots to send to affected horses throughout BC and the Pacific Northwest. Packing the boxes was the easy part – what was really tricky was finding the right people who could accept these shipments, and distribute the boots effectively to the horses in need. We ended up locating a few very special volunteers who were all working at the scenes of the fires. Read more about it all here:

Emma Massingale's Train Video is a WINNER!

Emma Massingale’s charming film, All Aboard the Pony Express has WON Best Children’s Short Film at the Equus Film Festival 2021 EQUUS Film & Arts FestThis short film shows Albert & Ernie off for an exciting day out in Devon. Boarding a 1930’s Steam Train, they end up in the luggage compartment before disembarking at Buckfastleigh to go and explore some of Devon’s most stunning locations!

The South Devon Railway recreates the golden days of travel between the 1930s and 1960s. Lucky riders go on a trip back in time on this traditional Great Western Railway branch line along the River Dart, running from Buckfastleigh to Totnes Riverside. The railway links the popular attractions of the Totnes Rare Breeds Farm and the Buckfast Butterflies & Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary, creating an action-packed and truly magical day out!

(You may notice that Albert and Ernie chose sensible, yet fashionable footwear for their train trip! Those are CLB Blue mini boots, sparkling away in the sun!)

What YOU'RE Saying!

“Let’s Just Say it Makes Him Feel Like he Can Fly!”

“My boy is a 15-year-old 15.3 hh registered Quarter Horse. 🙂 I’ve had him since he was four years old and I’ve shaped him into the horse he is today. I do pony club, western riding and fun days with him, and we enjoy every second of it. He always gives me 110% no matter how tired he is.

I have a passion for the comfort and happiness of horses and for helping people. My area of work is vet nursing, and I also train horses and give people lessons. I purchased my Cavallo Saddle Pad so I could improve my horse’s saddle fit. Let’s just say it makes him feel like he can fly – the difference is insane!  – Emma Stephens-Hodder

Navigating the Supply Chain in our Quickly Changing World

PLEASE NOTE: The global supply chain disruptions have affected us all. Gas, housing, groceries – everything. During last year (2021), Cavallo absorbed all the increased costs associated with supply, manufacturing, staffing, delays, and transportation. As just one example, a container shipment that cost $4500 in 2020, recently cost $22,000.  Unavoidably, the cost of your Cavallo Boots will increase in March 2020. Please stock up now!

We Have a Winner!

December’s winner of our Instagram contest for a free pair of Cavallo Trek Boots PLUS a free Cavallo Winter Stud Kit is Haylee Menne of Fort Jones, CA. Congrats, Hayee, and enjoy your winter riding!  Be sure to keep an eye on our newsletters – we’ll have an exciting contest for you each month to come!

Wishing you many happy trails carrying you safely through Winter,
– Carole

Cavallo - The World's Most Trusted Hoof Boot:

ELB/Winter Stud Kit contest Details: The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, and will receive a free pair of Cavallo ELB Bling Boots plus a Cavallo Stud Kit and free shipping from Cavallo Horse & Rider (Cavallo Hoof Boots). Prize holds no cash value ~ Cannot be combined with any other discount ~ Valid Canada & USA only ~ Winner will be announced on Facebook and in our Cavallo E-Newsletter.
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