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Your Cavallo News! Aug. 3, 2021

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12 Important Points to Consider when Buying Hoof Boots

As a designer/creator of horse hoof boots, I understand that buying boots can daunting. There’s a lot to learn, but learning about hoof boots is time well spent. The question below made think about the most important features to consider for your horse:

Q: “Carole, there are now so many boot brands on the market that I get overwhelmed doing research. Do you have any solid pointers to make sure I get a boot that will serve my horse well?

Read my Answer HERE!

Proud Cavallo Employee Moment!

Kate Stipec - training with Cavallo Hoof Boots

Patricia (Cavallo CFO) is One Proud Mama!

Here’s a fabulous photo of her daughter, Kate Stipec, on Griffy. As you can see, this horse can jump and Kate is in her element! We’ve all known Kate for years and it’s such a joy for our team to see her excel in all she takes on. 

Griffin is kept barefoot, and Kate uses Cavallo Treks on trails or when they’re on hard ground. She also pops studs on in the winter when the Quebec ground is frozen. Since they’ve had Griffy, his feet have toughened up and are now very healthy, which has allowed him to compete barefoot. They are also lucky enough to have Catherine Larose of Services Equus as their barefoot trimmer!

What YOU'RE Saying!

“Where did I find my trimmer? I made mine! I encouraged my daughter Corie Jo at a very young age (10) to ask questions, learn and watch when our farriers would come out. We finally found a ‘master farrier’ who we became good friends with and he became her mentor. However, our farrier developed cancer. We had a ‘qualified barefoot trimmer’ come in. This person literally hacked our daughter’s prize Canadian mare’s hooves. I stopped her before she could continue and sent her on her way. 

My daughter looked at me through tears and said ‘No one will ever touch our horse’s feet again but me!’ She was 16. From that day on she has been our trimmer (she’s now 29) and has gained the confidence of other horse owners for not just trimming but corrective trimming. Our farrier is still her mentor, a cancer survivor! Here she is with our Friesian mare who, when purchased, had severe White Line, chronic thrush and a club foot. Working with our vet rehab has been a long 7 months so far. This mare will ‘dance’ once again. Thank you to Cavallo for getting her through the rough stage of transformation. She will never see a shoe again! And of course… I just love my farrier.”       – Jo Ellen Cushing,

Watch us in Action on YouTube!

Did you know we have our own Cavallo YouTube channel?  We sure do! 

You can connect with us here to learn how to measure, apply, and use your Cavallos for riding, driving, turnout, hoof rehab and more!  Watch our how-to videos while you’re with your horse in the barn. Catch up on the latest barefoot hoof care news and find out how today’s top riders are switching to ride in boots rather than on metal. Our library is continuously updated and connects you to our diverse community of riders, full of support and acceptance!

Love FREE Boots? Be Sure to Listen in!

😮 The Tiny Horse Talk Podcast will be giving away a pair of Cavallo CLB’s to a lucky listener EVERY MONTH! 

TUNE IN! Some exciting guests coming up:

Teach your Child to form a Two-Way Friendship with their Horse

What kind of horseperson do you want YOUR child to grow up to be?

We invite you to join Pure Connection for Kids, taught by our friend Andrea Wady. This course will show your child the skills and techniques they need to develop a true friendship with their horse.
Many children are trained to behave a certain way around their horse. To be dominant and controlling. To “show them who’s boss.” To push, pull and coerce. But this isn’t a positive message for a child to carry through life. And it’s not the way for them to build a long-lasting friendship with their equine. Using force can make a horse fearful, untrusting and unsure, which can create a more difficult and frustrating riding experience.
With Andrea, our child will learn to empathize, and view their horse as a living being, rather than an object to use. They will understand what their horse might be thinking and feeling—plus how to respond appropriately, and develop relational skills and ways of thinking that can improve all of their life relationships.

Need Boots? The Orange Cat will Hook you Up!

Sue Grice has a new horse! William can see all the comfortable Cavallo-clad hoofs going by and he wants in on the action!
Word on the street (at the barn) is that the orange cat calls the shots…so William asks if he can help him out… 🐈

Watch Sue’s Video HERE!

Okay...So You Tugged at our Heartstrings!

In our last newsletter we held a contest for a FREE pair of hoof boots! To enter, we asked you to tell us how your horse got their name. Your answers were absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your personal stories. We are very pleased to announce our Random winner of this last draw. Congratulations to Nita Rae DeGolier!

Did you miss these incredible entries? You can still read them all on our Facebook post HERE!

Don’t forget to check our next newsletter for a new chance to win boots!

 Wishing you and your lovely horse many happy trails,
– Carole Herder
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