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5 Ways To Improve Your Riding in 2016

1.  Get regular riding lessons, or better yet, learn the biomechanics of riding. Biomechanics study how the body moves and rider biomechanics look specifically at issues like your foot slipping out of the stirrup or your knee coming up.  Check out or ‘Equine Biomechanics for Riders: The Key to Balanced Riding’ by Karin Blignault.

2.  Try some competitive trail riding ACTHA or TREC – the challenges of the obstacles really test your riding skills and relationship with your horse.

3.  Everyone knows yoga and pilates, what about equilates? The focus is on strengthening the core, which is vital for a good seat in the saddle. Equilates has been developed with an understanding of the issues horse riders face and the areas they need to work on. If you cannot find a local class, check out eventer Gemma Tattersall’s Equestrian Pilates DVD at

4.  Eat more bananas (or white beans or sweet potatoes)! Research shows that potassium aids muscle contraction and presents cramping so, using your legs, can improve your hold on the horse.

5.  Take a course, on anything that will improve your riding: Jumping Skills, Dressage Tips, Rider Confidence, Tackling Cross-Country, Natural Horsemanship. Give it a go!
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5 Ways To Benefit Your Horse in 2016

1. Need I say it? Remove their shoes (if not already done) and pop those Cavallo hoof boots on!

2. Study the hoof: read, watch and learn through books, DVDs and courses. This will allow you to look after your horse and his feet armed with knowledge on the best course of action for your circumstances.

3. Learn some equine massage – your horse will love you for it, trust me. Try or .

4. Make a date with an equine nutritionist to review your horses’ diet or a homeopath to prescribe some helpful remedies to improve their health and well-being.

5. Book an appointment with an animal communicator or read all about it yourself in Heather Green’s ‘For the Love of Horses’ .

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