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  • Wendy Bester Cavallo Hoof Boots Customer Service
    What YOU’RE Saying – April 2020

    Here’s What YOU’RE Saying – Thanks for Taking the Time to Tell us How Happy you Are! The Tiny Terrors are Pleased! (Why do we get the feeling the Tiny Terrors don’t give out their seal of approval willy-nilly?) “Our Tiny Terrors did wonderfully with their new hoof boots this weekend. Definitely planning to invest…

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  • Vancouver Mounted Police in Cavallo Hoof Boots
    Cavallo Gives

    Happy Horses:  Our Passion Cavallo Horse & Rider is a company with a passion – to see every horse happy, healthy, and free from disease and discomfort.  That’s why we choose employees who hold animals in the highest regard. We’re committed to contributing to the well-being of our hooved friends through our work at Cavallo. When…

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  • Cavallo advice on Managing the Mud Headache

    It’s summer time and some of us are struggling with the conditions on our properties. If your area is very wet it can negatively affect your horse’s feet. Does mud on your farm seem to be a never-ending struggle? Mud can pull shoes off, negatively impact your horses’ hoof health, and can even make walking in your pastures a challenge. Try out these mud management tips around your farm to reduce and minimize mud.

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  • 5 Ways To Improve Your Riding in 2016

    1.  Get regular riding lessons, or better yet, learn the biomechanics of riding. Biomechanics study how the body moves and rider biomechanics look specifically at issues like your foot slipping out of the stirrup or your knee coming up.  Check out or ‘Equine Biomechanics for Riders: The Key to Balanced Riding’ by Karin Blignault….

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  • Horse (Human!) Health Care

    Horse riding has physical health, psychological and over-all benefits of happiness and well-being. This is just a reminder for us and the non-horsey around us, who wonder about our level of sanity as we brave the winter weather to get out there and ride. And the research is there! Check out (study published in…

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  • Are You a Sack of Potatoes?

    Why is riding the correct way so important? I am often asked why I continue to study this. My first response is to say that I like to improve my skills and better understand both mine and my horse’s body mechanics, but I always follow this up with, “And to ensure I am riding in…

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  • Horse Tales For The Funny Bone

    By Carole Herder The new book Horse Tales for the Funny Bone is now available! With 60 funny, true, equine-related stories from horse lovers across North America, it is sure to bring a smile to your face and your purchase will help Therapeutic Riding Centers at the same time! I didn’t have to dig deep…

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  • Cavallo Tucker Saddle Pad

      My short back Tennessee Walker/Spotted Saddle horse had been experiencing rub marks on his hind quarters even though I have used several different saddles and pads trying to alleviate the problem. The latest is a Tucker Gen II with Tucker pad. Nothing worked so I dug out my old Cavallo pad and started using…

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