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ACTHA continues busy trail ride schedule

ACTHA has almost 70 Competitive Trail Challenges, CTCs, scheduled for the next month! If you have not checked out ACTHA yet, do. Don’t miss out. ACTHA is offering up to $50K in prizes for region high point winners this year! Cavallo is part of that offering; we are doubling prize money for any regional winner wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots. And if you do not win the high point, you could still win with Cavallo. If none of the winners in a region are wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots, the highest placed will win $500 and a $500 Cavallo shopping voucher.

If you are new to ACTHA, check out their website. The CTC events are attracting more and more riders because they are a great day of riding without a lot of the hassles of more traditional events. The point system carries points awarded at each ride through for a horse’s lifetime. The points are also used to determine Region High Point Winners at the end of each ACTHA year. Winners wearing Cavallo Hoof Boots this year will win double!

Cavallo believes in what ACTHA and its ride host affiliates have done for trail riding and for hungry and neglected horses. The rides allow horses and riders to enjoy the scenery and the ride while testing their skills and generally having lots of fun. And up to 50% of ACTHA proceeds go to horse rescues and charities. Cavallo is proud to partner with ACTHA to help make the competitive season a success.

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